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Albert Pujols to meet with Marlins

      Jose Reyes I can visualize. Albert Pujols I cannot. But the MLB.com report that the Marlins will entertain the biggest ticket on the free agent market is true. Pujols will pay a visit to the Marlins -- the Miami Marlins as of 9 p.m. tonight -- just as Reyes and Mark Buehrle have done already.

       Pujols has previously received a reported offer from the Cardinals for $200 million over nine years. If the Marlins were to pig out on Pujols, they would have to increase payroll well beyond the $80- to $85 milion estimate that has been widely projected. They would also be hard-pressed, at that point, to address pitching, which is their primary need.

       The Marlins can dream big. They can dream all they want. But the fact remains that, even with the pending increase in payroll, they're not in the sort of financial realm to pay big stars mega-salaries, no matter how creative they get with the numbers or how much they sell Pujols on the idea of living in balmy South Florida, chowing on stone crabs instead of toasted ravioli.

        I don't see Pujols happening.