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Should Marlins overpay for a Pujols or Reyes?

     Just back from the GM meetings in Milwaukee, where the greatest stir was created by the sighting of Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp in the lobby of the Pfister Hotel. Otherwise, it was a rather slow event, as GM meetings tend to go, and the Marlins left without even making a waiver claim, as they did at the same gathering in '08 when they picked up Dan Meyer.

      But Marlins executives, not used to any clamor whatsoever at these things in the past, were treated like rock stars in Milwaukee. Larry Beinfest was surrounded by no fewer than 20 reporters on Tuesday when he spoke and Jeffrey Loria, his clothes packed in a Marlins duffel bag, was mobbed by scribes and followed to the lobby elevator after he checked into the Pfister.

      All eyes are on the Marlins, who have early bids in on Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Ryan Madson, feelers out on C.J. Wilson, Roy Oswalt and probably many others, and are having trade discussions with other teams -- all for the sake of improving and, to be sure, making a major splash.

      Which brings us to today's discussion topic. If the bidding for Pujols, Reyes and the rest goes sky high, beyond a reasonable level let's say, is it imperative that the Marlins overspend to acquire at least one of the Big Three players, given all the buzz they've created already? Would you be satisfied if they ended up with, say, Buehrle and Madson -- but not Pujols, Reyes or Prince Fielder, the cream of this year's free agent crop? Where would you draw the line? Give us your thoughts.....