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Gio to Nats -- now what for Marlins?

      Another starting pitcher slipped through the Fish net today when the Nationals landed Gio Gonzalez in a trade with the A's. Washington paid a handsome price for the All-Star lefty, handing over three top prospects to Oakland. So where does that leave the Marlins, who continue sniffing around for a starter to bolster their rotation?

       How about Joe Saunders?

       Or Matt Garza?

       Or Wandy Rodriguez?

       Or Roy Oswalt?

       Or.......? All of the above?

       Simply put, there's not a pitcher out there the Marlins haven't asked about. Said one National League source, "Anytime you hear a pitcher's name, you can safely say the Marlins are in."

       The Marlins loved Gonzalez, who hails from HIaleah. But they don't have the pieces -- at least not at the minor-league level -- capable of pulling off such a deal. Look at what the Reds gave up to pry Mat Latos from San Diego, specifically Yonder Alonso and Yasmani Grandal, not to mention Edinson Volquez. Consider what the Nationals surrendered -- namely pitchers Brad Peacock, A.J. Cole and Tom Milone -- to get Gonzalez. The Marlins don't have prospects of that high caliber down on the farm. As a  result, other teams  are asking them to include Logan Morrison or Mike Stanton in any deal, and the Marlins don't wish to part with either.

        While the Marlins signed Mark Buehrle, he essentially fills the vacancy left by Javier Vazquez, who is likely retiring. As it now stands, the five-man rotation for the Marlins is identical -- with the exception of Buehrle -- to their rotation at the start of last season.

        If you're the Marlins, what would you do to improve the rotation? With Gonzlaez now out of the picture, who would you target?