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Pujols over Pitching? Possibly

     DALLAS -- As if things aren't crazy enough already with the Marlins, the latest word I'm hearing is that the Marlins remain interested in Albert Pujols despite signing Jose Reyes and Heath Bell to hefty contracts. It would seem incomprehensible to think it possible. But it's true.

    The Marlins remain hot on the Pujols trail despite committing $106 million to Reyes over the next six years and $27 million to Bell over the coming three. But in order to haul in Pujols, which would turn the baseball world upside down, the Marlins might have to forget about upgrading their rotation.

     The Marlins like Mark Buerhle. But the veteran lefty is demanding  no-trade protection and the Marlins are (so far) sticking to their guns in not conceding that contract condition. As a result, they are not overly optimistic about signing him. C.J. Wilson may be asking for too much, though given the way the Marlins are handing out cash, maybe not. Next thing you know they'll be entertaining thoughts of Manny Ramirez.

     How surreal is it that the Mets, long the big spenders, were brought to their wimpering knees by the Marlins in the contest for Reyes? Or that the lead story on SportsCenter on Sunday night wasn't Tiger Woods winning his first golf tournament in two years? Or that the BCS championship matchup of LSU-Alabama had been determined. It was the Marlins and Jose Reyes.

      Sounds like a Twilight Zone episode to me.

      So what if the Marlins ignore pitching in order to sign Pujols? Do you agree with that thinking? Or do you think the rotation is in bigger need of help than the lineup in this particular case?