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Ramirez told Marlins last month he was against position switch

ESPNdeportesLosAngeles.com has a report out quoting a source that said Hanley Ramirez informed the Marlins on Tuesday that he doesn't want to switch from shortstop to third base.

"Hanley doesn't want to play third base and the Marlins already know about how Hanley feels," the source said. "Rather than ask for a trade, what he did was to inform the team that he doesn't want to play another position other than shortstop."

The truth is the Marlins have been well aware of Ramirez's feelings since before then. Sources told The Miami Herald Ramirez informed the Marlins of how he felt during the general managers meetings last week in Milwaukee.

So is Ramirez asking for a trade? Not yet according to Marlins beat reporters who have spoken to Marlins brass at the winter meetings in Dallas.

Ramirez, a three-time All-Star and a .306 hitter in six full seasons, is expected to have to move third following the acquisition of Jose Reyes, who agreed to a six-year and $106 million deal with the Marlins on Sunday.

The only public comment that Ramirez has made since Reyes' deal was through his Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon. He wrote: "What I can do now is work hard and be prepared for next season because that's all that I can control, I love you all !!!!"