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LoMo on Cespedes: "It's a big risk for the Marlins"

     Logan Morrison weighed in on the Marlins' pursuit of Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes when he appeared as a guest on SiriusXM radio's "First Pitch" on Thursday, calling it a "big risk" for the team based on the many uncertainties about the player.

     "It's hard for me to judge a player just by watching him on YouTube, so I don't really know what he can or can't do," Morrison said. "I've heard of the crazy power he has and what he looks like in all his stuff. But I've heard of guys that had crazy power and looked awesome in a uniform and don't do crap on the field when the game starts.

     "So I think that's a big question mark, and it's a big risk for the Marlins," Morrison continued. "...you don't need to catch balls behind your back in games, and you don't need to jump 100 feet in the air and leg press 20,000 pounds, or whatever the heck he's doing. It's all about playing the game the right way and applying your skills to the game. And if he can do that, then he'll be very, very dangerous."

      On the other hand, Morrison said it's not his money, so "let's do it."

      You can listen to the full conversation with Morrison here.

      At least one potential suitor could be backing out of the Cespedes sweepstakes. By signing Prince Fielder earlier in the week, the Tigers may be bowing out, according to Jason Beck of MLB.com, who quoted GM Dave Dombrowski as saying: "Most likely, but you can never tell."