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Mujica has x-rays on right foot, leaves with boot

Reliever Edward Mujica, struck by a line drive in his one inning of relief Friday, had x-rays performed on his right foot after the game according to manager Ozzie Guillen and the team should know Saturday if the right-hander is going to miss any time.

"Mujica got a little boot on his leg," Guillen said. "They're going to take x-rays just in case, make sure nothing is bad. We're waiting to see how it feels tomorrow."

> With their 6-2 win over the Phillies, the Marlins (36-40) won back-to-back games for the first time since June 3rd. But for Guillen it felt like it had been longer. "[First back-to-back wins] since spring training, right?" Guillen joked.

"It seems like we're coming around little by little. A couple days ago we started to swing the bat better. Today it seemed like everybody put a little bit together. Everybody contributed, had good at-bats, good pitching."

> Josh Johnson was once again phenomenal for the Marlins. And this time he got early help. After getting six combined runs in his previous four June starts, Johnson was given a 6-1 lead when he took the mound for the final time in the sixth. 

Guillen didn't downplay the importance of scoring early.

"When you jump out 1-0 and JJ is on the mound, it's a different ballgame," Guillen said. "If we leave that guy on third base it's 'There we go again. How are we going to play today?' You hit first and score first, it's a different attitude, a different thing in [our] dugout."

Since giving up a season-high six earned runs at San Diego on May 4th to bump his ERA to 6.61, Johnson has gone 5-2 with a 2.47 ERA over his last 10 starts. His ERA in June (1.87) has been even better.

"He's our ace for a reason," Guillen said. "This kid little by little come along very nice, throw the ball well. Maybe he's the only good thing we had this month, the most consistent thing we had this month."

Said Johnson: "Took a little time, but I just want to go out there and get in deep in the game for these guys. That's the key. This month was the best pitching wise [as a staff], but somebody had to step up and try to help the bullpen a little bit."

> Johnson said using a curveball -- a pitch he was experimenting with last season -- has made him a different pitcher. He used it to strikeout Chase Utley in the first and "quite a few times" on Friday.

"It's been a huge pitch for me," Johnson said. "It takes away guys just sitting on hard-hard. I can throw something in there 80 miles an hour that kind of throws off their timing a little bit."

> What else can you say about Justin Ruggiano? He has been huge for the Marlins. His average is now up to .388 after collecting three hits on Friday including a big two-run double in the fifth.

"He rakes," Johnson said of Ruggiano. "We were talking about it when we came in here. He just never stops hitting. Plays great defense. Speed. He's got it all. He's huge for us."