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Beinfest says he's fair game for job speculation

  In a radio interview this morning on 790-The Ticket, Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest sounded very much like someone who wouldn't be surprised if he lost his job in the aftermath of what's been a colossal bust of a season.

  "When you sign up for this job and you don't win, you know you can be in the crosshairs and you can lose your job. That's just the way it is," Beinfest told 790 hosts Marc Hochman and Jonathan Zaslow. "The blame and disappointment and all those things fall squarely on my shoulders, and I fully understand that."

   Speculation is growing that Beinfest, who is under contract through 2015, could either lose his job or be reassigned to a new position by Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria. While it's been suggested that a possible replacement for Beinfest could be Dan Jennings, the team's vice president of player personnel, another possiblity is general manager Michael Hill. Like Beinfest, Jennings and Hill are under contact through '15.

    "When you don't win, you're open to scrutiny, both publicly and internally, and that's exactly what's going on, and it's not unexpected," Beinfest said.

    When Loria was asked about Beinfest's job security earlier in the week, he said the question was "unfair" and did not elaborate further.

    Beinfest said during Wednesday's radio show that the only thing he can worry about is the team's performance.

     You can "worry about things you can control, and obviously the control part of this for me would be to win more games and to do a better job and putting the organization in a position to win and, hopefully, play in October," Beinfest said. "And that didn't happen.

      "I don't think it's really productive to sit and speculate," he said. "There's all kinds of speculation about managers and GM's. That's just the way it is this time of year if your team's not doing well, and we're in that category."