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Chone Figgins hops aboard the crowded Marlins train

       You can now add Chone Figgins to the bulging Marlins' roster list for spring training. Figgins, 35, signed a minor league deal with the proverbial invite to spring training. It's been a few years since Figgins was a contributor, so we'll see where this ends up.

        Figgins had his best years with the Angels. But things haven't gone so well the past couple of seasons in Seattle, where he is regarded as one of the biggest busts in Mariners history. Figgins hit .188 for them in 2011 and .181 last season before the Mariners said enough is enough and gave him the ol' heave-ho despite being on the hook to him for $8 million in 2013.

        Meanwhile, the Marlins have outrighted outfielder Bryan Petersen to Triple A New Orleans and given him an invitation to ST. That puts the number of players expected in camp at the whopping total of 74, a franchise record.