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Marlins no longer worst team in majors

The standings don't lie. For the first time since May 15, the Marlins don't have the worst record in the majors. The Houston Astros sunk back to the bottom of the 30-team slag heap on Monday when they lost and the Marlins won.

And given that the Marlins reached the halfway point, playing their 81st game in Monday's win over the Padres, it's a perfect time to assess fan mood. Give us your feedback. Are you feeling any better about the Marlins -- at least from a long-term perspective -- now than you were previously? Are your hopes restored with the 15-10 June and winning start to July (actually, the Marlins have gone 17-10 over their past 27 games)?

Or do the Marlins remain undeserving of praise?

Tell us how you'll think they'll perform over the 81 remaining games? Do they remain in last in the N.L. East? Or do they start passing teams like the Mets and others, at last in terms of overall record? When do you think they'll contend? 2014? 2015? (Never, this is all a big mirage?)

Fire away! Tell us what you think.