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Arquimedes Euclides Caminero: A Mathematician's Kind of Ballplayer

ArchimedesFinally. A big-league baseball player mathematicians can call their own. Well, sort of.

Arquimedes Euclides Caminero, the Marlins' 26-year-old rookie reliever, is named for a couple of super-ancient Greek mathematicians: Archimedes and Euclid.


"My father saw the names in an algebra book and liked them," said Caminero, who has put up some good numbers so far with the Marlins after getting called up last week.

Caminero, a native of the Dominican Republic, has made three relief appearances, allowing only two hits while striking out three. Euclid

Caminero said he is the youngest of eight children. His father, who works in construction in the Dominican, flew to South Florida on Wednesday and saw his son pitch in the majors for the first time. Caminero didn't disappoint, pitching a 1-2-3 ninth for the Marlins while striking out the Dodgers' Juan Uribe and Carl Crawford.

Caminero said friends and family back in the Dominican call him "Kiko" while his baseball teammates shorten his last name, as they so often do, and call him "Cami."

But he prefers Arquimedes, even though it takes a bit of practice to pronounce.

"I like my name," he said.

For you budding scholars out there, Euclid is known as the "Father of Geometry" while Archimedes devised a formula ("Archimedes' Principle") that determines the volume of an irregular shaped object using water displacement.

As for me, the only thing I remember from Ms. Lewis' 8th-grade algebra class was a squared + b squared = c squared.

Or maybe that was Mrs. Harmon's high-school geometry class...