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Livan Hernandez bidding adios to '97 World Series ring, MVP trophy

Only 16 years after sceaming "I love you Miami!," former Marlins hurler Livan Hernandez is selling his 1997 World Series ring and MVP trophy. The two items are among several belonging to Hernandez that are being auctioned by Lelands.com

Hernandez was a rookie for the Marlins in 1997 when he was named World Series MVP.

LivanThe MVP trophy and World Series ring aren't the only items Hernandez has placed in the auction. Also up for grabs: his 2002 San Francisco Giants N.L. championship ring, 2004 Silver Slugger Award, and the first-pitch baseball he threw from the first Washington Nationals game.

The reserves on both his MVP Trophy and Series ring are $5,000.

Hernandez isn't the only former athlete with items on the auction block. The jersey worn by Duke's Christian Laettner when he made the "The Shot" against Kentucky ($100,000 reserve), Rabbit Maranville's 1914 World Series ring, Jackie Robinson's 1947 Rookie of the Year Award ($50,000 reserve) and Jim Thorpe's moccasins are among the many items being auctioned.

The auction closes Jan. 10.