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Redmond: "To look at them in the face and say we lost the game on a technicality is BS"

Needless to say the Marlins were fit to be tied after losing Thursday's game against the Reds because of rule 7.13 

Manager Mike Redmond got himself tossed and didn't hold back afterward.

"I'll tell you as a former catcher in this league for 13 seasons, as a grinder who loved this game and respect this game so much, this game has been a part of my life forever. To lose a ballgame tonight on that play is a joke," he said. "It's an absolute joke. I don't think anybody who plays this game should feel good about winning that game. And I would say that if had been reversed.

"That guy was out by 15 feet. It was a great baseball play. [Giancarlo Stanton] threw a strike to [catcher Jeff Mathis]. He was out by 15 feet. He didn't slide because he couldn't slide because he was out by so far. And yet those guys in New York decided the outcome of that game. I don't blame [plate umpire] Mike Winters. He was on it. He knew the call on the field was right and he told me that when I was out there.

"So as a manager you sit there and look your players in the face and my job is to pump these guys up and keep those guys going every single day. No doubt we have some grinders out there in this clubhouse. To look at them in the face and say we lost the game on a technicality is bull---. Absolute bull---. I'm so pissed. Like I said I played this game for so long. I've given this game everything I've had as a player and a manager. What a joke. What a [expletive] joke. That's ridiculous.

"Like I said, I don't blame the umpires here. Mike Winters -- lot of respect for these guys. We made a mistake today. Not just in this game, but for the game of baseball. You can look back on this game, whatever man. A couple guys get runover at the plate, get hurt. I caught a long time. I never got hurt back there getting run over. For this rule to evolve into this. I mean what is it going to become a force play at home? Jeff Mathis, this guy grinds it out every single day. He's going to go home tonight devastated thinking he cost our club the game because he did his job. Because he caught a ball and tagged a guy on the hip. Really? Really? We're going to go home tonight and he's going to grind it out saying I cost our ball club the game because G made perfect strike at home. That wasn't good enough? I lost the game. Did my job. What a joke.

"I sat there at the winter meetings and said to myself when I heard this rule I sure hope it doesn't take this call. I knew it would be us. I knew it. What a joke."

What did the plate umpire say to Redmond? "He said 'You're right,'" Redmond said. "He knew I was right."

How did the 6 1/2 minute delay affect the outcome?

"I don't know how it took 6 1/2 minutes," Redmond said. "I don't know why it took so long. It was clear to me he was out. I'm not sure anybody can justify him being safe. I don't know how you do that. Sorry, but I don't know how."

How do you move on?

"We move on," Redmond said. "We've moved on from a lot of tough losses. We will. These guys are pros. They get it. That's a tough one. But we'll pick up the pieces tomorrow and move on."

Instead of defining the rule does it make more confusing?

"I don't know," Redmond said. "I would love for somebody in New York to come down here and sit with my catchers. I only played for 13 years. I guess my knowledge is limited on this rule. I would love for somebody to come down here and explain to my guys how exactly to block the plate. Because apparently I don't know how to teach it. I don't know if anybody knows how to teach it because we really don't know what the rule is."