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Loria on Redmond speculation: "I'm not interested in palace intrigue. We've got games to win."

PHILADELPHIA -- After meeting briefly with Mike Redmond in the visiting manager's office at Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday, owner Jeffrey Loria neither publicly endorsed Redmond nor give any indication that his job was in jeopardy.

Instead, when asked to address speculation concerning Redmond, Loria responded: "I've got one thing to say. I'm not interested in palace intrigue. We've got to win games. That doesn't have anything to do with anything."

And that was it.

Sources told the Herald on Sunday that Loria was unhappy with the team's poor start and that Redmond was on the hot seat, fueling speculation that if the team doesn't win -- and win soon -- he could be out of a job. With that as a backdrop, the Marlins open what would appear to be a crucial three-game series tonight against the Phillies.

Redmond's job could hinge on how the Marlins fare in the coming days.

But it was hard to tell based on Loria's brief comments what the owner was thinking.

And Redmond was no more illuminating when asked to address the situation.

"First of all, nobody is more disappointed in the way that we've started that I am," Redmond said. "We were expecting to get off to a hot start. It hasn't happened."

Asked specifically about the Herald's report, Redmond replied: "I can't control stuff that people write. All I can do is come out and be consistent. I think I've showed that the last couple years. I think the guys know where I am or where I'm coming from. We've got to win some ballgames."

When asked about his private, closed-door meeting with Loria and general manager Dan Jennings, and whether them being there put his mind at ease, Redmond replied: 

"Those guys are here almost every series," Redmond said. "My focus is on what I can control and that’s trying to prepare this ball club to win a ball game. I can’t control anything else. That’s all I’m focused on."