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Did Stanton really hit longest HR in Coors Field history? You be the judge

DENVER -- No matter how you measure it, Giancarlo Stanton's home run Saturday off Chad Bettis was a BOMB.

The ball was crushed, landing about two-thirds of the way up in the left-center field bleachers. Within minutes, MLB.com's Statcast, which uses sophisticated equipment to measure distances, pegged it at 504 feet. If that figure is accurate -- and there's no reason to believe that it isn't -- it would make it the longest home run ever hit at Coors, surpassing Mike Piazza's 496-foot shot here in 1997 and Stanton's own 494-footer in 2012.

But wait a second. Take a look at the video evidence. Was Stanton's home run REALLY longer than Piazza's? Or even his own?

Here's Stanton's from last night:


Now take a look at Piazza's, which landed on the concourse in center:

And here's Stanton's home run at Coors in 2012:

The equipment used to measure home run distances was not nearly as sophisticated then as it is now, so who knows whether Piazza's 496-foot shot was truly a 496-footer, or whether it was even longer.

But is sure doesn't look like Stanton hit the longest home run in Coors Field history last night.