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Some people ask me if I have a set routine at the gym. The answer is no -- it all depends on how mean Jason Raynor, my trainer, is feeling that day. But here are a few typical routines we go through. Special thanks to Jason's wife Shannon, who shot a lot of the video, and also didn't laugh when I fell down or staggered into a wall or all the stuff I do at every session.



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The End Is Near!!!

Well as we approach the final weigh I wanted to post a couple of things.  The final weigh is in sight. Check back this coming Tuesday March 23 at www.miamiherald.com/fitnesschallenge.com and see the final weigh in for Lisett, Glenn and I.  Then it's time for you to vote for ME!!!!!  Well at least that is my hope. View our blogs and videos and make your decision on who you think should win The Miami Herald Fitness Challenge.  Of course Nick and I need your vote. So please do your part and vote for us!!!!  Thanks!!! Andy

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Weigh in is just around the corner! (Nick's Blog Entry)

The weigh in is right around the corner and are we ever ready!!! Andy has worked as hard as he possibly could have and He deserves a big number at the final weigh in which I am sure he is going to get! It has been a long 3 months with lots of bumps, but I am sure if you were to ask Andy about his quality of life now from what it was 3 months ago there would be no question that who he is today is a totally different person that is more healthy and confident and feels amazing. Which is proof to anyone wanting to make a change that it can have a dramatic positive effects on your life in as little as 3 months time. So if you are considering getting started DO IT NOW!!

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Not another update gasp...an interactive request fulfilled

I was going to give everyone another update on Glenn's training but I heard from a few people that while you guys are interested in Glenn, you want the blog to be more interactive. I am taking your feedback and putting it into action! I want to hear your questions regarding anything fitness, nutrition, wellness, etc.

Who needs motivation? Are you stuck in a rut with your current program or lack of a fitness program? Have you hit the dreaded plateau where your strength, fat loss, and lean muscle tone has ceased to increase?
Fire me some questions and let's breathe some life into the Fitness Challenge blog. I would say beside Andy and Nick’s video (which was awesome! Way to go guys) there has not been a lot of content lately.

I will start with a topic that is a big obstacle for Glenn to overcome. He hates working out...he sees it as a major chore. He enjoys the benefit of exercise but hates the idea of doing it. He would much rather sit on the couch and watch DVD's all day long eating frozen pizzas. Just kidding Glenn...that was the old you.  Does anyone have the same feelings towards exercise as Glenn?  Did you previously have negative feelings and are now a fitness buff?  Post something regarding your mindset towards exercise/working out. 

I hope to read and answer some interesting questions from you guys out in blogdom very soon.
To Your Health!

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Andy's 5K Video. Check it out

As promised here is some of the video that was shot during the SOBE Fit 5K run that I participated in.  Some funny moments and wow Nick was really good with running with the camera and shooting.  Ha Ha!!



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WHOO HOOO!!! My first SOBE Fit 5K

Today I got up at 5:45AM on a Sunday to meet my trainer Nick from Equinox.  Yes normally I would be heading to bed from being out with friends partaking in adult beverages. So after heading to Jerry's Deli for an omelet and as much coffee as I could drink it was off to check in for the SOBEFit 5K.  I have to say I did not know what to expect.  All these people looking like they have been doing this for years. An being completely honest was I up to something like this. Anyway before I knew it we were off and running.  I have to say once I got into a pace it was not to bad.  I did have moments where my legs hurt but I ran the entire course without stopping to walk.  Nick also had a goal of 45 minutes for us to complete the course.  We finished in a little over 38 minutes.  I have to say I never thought 2 months ago I would be doing a 5k on a Sunday morning for fun.  Haaa!!!!  I give so much credit to Nick for encouraging me and challenging me. His way of training you is really unique.  He challenges you in a way that makes you want to succeed and not just reach your goal but pass it.   If you are thinking of getting into shape and  working with a trainer I could not recommend a better person, look Nick up at Equinox in South Beach.  We did shoot video and I will be posting it in the next day or two.  Check it out!


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The 5K (Nick's Blog Entry)

Andy and I completed his first 5k today and it was an amazing experience for me as a trainer and I am sure also for him, previously never stepping into the gym. Success in training is all about goal setting and achieving those goals. I set some goals for Andy in the 5k and he smashed them!! Seeing someone, who wouldn't have gotten to the 1/2 mile marker 6 weeks ago, complete a 5k and knowing that I had a part in it is THE reason why I am a trainer! When I come together with a client and we set some goals and then they achieve those goals, It builds confidence for them not only in the gym but in their everyday life. They don't realize how capable they are and that they can accomplish any goal with some hard work and determination. As a trainer, to be the one who reveals to individuals their true strengths and what they are really made of is an incredible feeling and to give them a new, healthy body in the process makes my job the best in the world. Today Andy reminded me of that with every step that he RAN in the 5k!

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Glenn makes fantastic progress and maintains weight while on assignment!

It has been 5 weeks since I last blogged and I am certainly surprised how well Glenn has done since we began. As I said in the video, Glenn could not do 2 minutes on the elliptical the first week we started working together. His lack of ability was caused by lack of coordination and utter fatigue. Fast forward 6 weeks and he is able to do 35 minutes without stopping! What an increase in aerobic capacity!

Glenn and I have been working very hard towards regaining flexibility that was lost over the years by being so sedentary. The sitting is really killing him! Check out the article that was posted earlier this week on the dangers of sitting (http://www.miamiherald.com/?story_link=email_msg). We are practicing plenty of body weight work, band training, and suspension training with the TRX to focus on perfecting his movement patterns before we load them.

Glenn has been diligent with his eating as well, despite a slip up or two in Nicaragua and on his birthday. Although, I did tell him he could have a “free meal” on his birthday so I won’t count that. Incredibly, Glenn did not gain a single pound on his trip! He is really working on changing his habits and I think he is on board with really making a lifestyle change.

Lastly, when I don’t have a training session with Glenn, he is coming in to do cardio on his own after a long workday! I know because I have my spies in the gym at all times….don’t ever try to pull one over on me! I will find out!!

Kudos to you Glenn!

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Andy's back on track!!! (Nick's Blog Entry)

Back on track!!! Andy has overcome his Illness and our workouts are back to an elevated intensity!!! He has started a healthy meal plan with Anna Amatt and it seems to be working great for him and I am sure would be a huge compliment to a workout program to anyone with a weight loss goal seeing as though diet is the majority of the battle. Look out Glen and Lissette we are back on the fast track!!!

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Andy's First Weigh In (Nick's Blog Entry)

We had a setback. Today we had a weigh in and Andy actually gained a pound. Doesn't make sense right? This very frustrating to Andy and I both, but more so for him. He has been eating great and bust his butt in the gym, but he has also been very sick for a couple of weeks and we missed quite a few workouts. The body is a very interesting thing and sometimes goes at its own pace so I am confident that we are going to have some big numbers in the weigh ins to come

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