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Last Golden Panther Out, Please Turn Off the Lights

It's still dark on the FIU quarterback situation, as MC said today that he'll need to see 3 more scrimmage-like practices with Wayne Younger, Paul McCall and Colt Anderson taking reps before making a decision. And soon it will be dark in a historic football stadium, while a future football stadium is moving right along on schedule.

First, with the OB take and then we'll get to FIU Stadium news. . .No shocker as the Orange Bowl lost their second tenant after this season on Tuesday. FIU was already gone after its 2007 season finale for a new on-campus stadium and now the Hurricanes are exiting stage left as well as they move to Joe Robbie Stadium (always will be JRS) next season.

Ob However, it's the team that is the one-year renter that gets to turn out the lights on Switchthe venerable stadium. With the Hurricanes finishing their home schedule Nov. 10, the Golden Panthers host the final 3 football games at the OB -- Nov. 17 (Louisiana-Lafayette), Nov. 24 (FAU) and Dec. 1 (North Texas).

Yes, it'll be sad to see the OB go, after all the Miami Dolphins had some great years there. The first Dolphins game saw Joe Auer return the opening kickoff 95 yards for a TD, but Miami lost to Oakland. Of course, The Perfect Season of 1972. Never will forget Marino_2 seeing Dan Marino's home debut against the Buffalo Bills, a 38-35 OT loss. The Dolphins Monday Night mastery of the then-undefeated 1985 Chicago Bears as Dolphins players from the 1972 Perfect Season roamed the sidelines that night. A true home field advantage for the Dolphins.

Speaking with AD Pete Garcia on Wednesday, it looks like FIU Stadium will be built to have a true home field advantage as well. PG made some changes to the design of the stadium. Garcia said: "We wanted to incorporate a lot of the home field advantages that the Orange Bowl had. For instance, being close to the field, we made that a priority for us and we wanted to make sure our fans feel like they could almost touch the players. The seats will be the minimum distance from the field that the NCAA allows. As we are going into different phases of the stadium we are designing it so it can be the loudest place that it can possibly be. The biggest part of that is having the fans as close to the field as possible."

PG also said they are pretty much done building the foundations of the stadium and in early October construction will begin on the east end zone and continue until the west end zone. Unlike, previous whispers there will be NO open end on any part of the stadium. The stadium will be enclosed all the way around. PG added construction is right on schedule. FIU opens the stadium next September against South Florida.

As for that item about the Hurricanes asking FIU to join them in the OB, when PG was with the Hurricanes he approached FIU about joining them. But then PG took the job at FIU and the Hurricanes re-visited the idea. By then FIU was ready to build its on-campus stadium.


Quijote Pimpalito: The cafeteria reference by MC was to fire up the kickers, because of their poor showing in Saturday's scrimmage. Apparently, it worked because in Tuesday's practice in the Orange Bowl they made all 4 field goals. Dustin Rivest even hit one from 50 yards.

Bee Before we move on here, reading some of the comments from the last blog it looks like you guys want to have a spelling bee between FIU and the Hurricanes. Caunt mee out, I uuse Spelchek. Or maybe I should.

WOrta 1128: Wayne Younger's high weight this summer was 190, but is currently down to 181. MC says Younger has a tough time maintaing weight, because of a fast metabolism. Like most college football programs, FIU has two eating tables: the fat people table and the skinny people. Younger eats at the fat people table.

yippee: Colt Anderson is not that much heavier than Younger. CA is listed at 195, but that's a generous 195. At 19 years of age he is still filling out and wait until strength coach Roderick Moore gets him in the weight room. He'll be 215-220 by next season. Because he's got two years in a college weight room under his belt, Paul McCall may be the strongest of the QBs to withstand the hits they may get this season.

Quijote: Not sure if you're related to Pimpalito, above, but anyway, love your enthusiasm in the blog, but let's try to keep it clean. The GPP Claw had to come out on several words of your post. 

FIUDad: If we're witness to another year of missed field goals and extra points, then I would have to agree with you. I would much rather watch missed field goals and extra points from someone like this:

Kiusa_2 God Bless America and Kathy Ireland!  


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