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The Mystery of the 3-Headed Quarterback

Nothing has been made official on the FIU quarterback situation as of Monday afternoon.

Maybe today is the day after practice when MC announces his starting quarterback, but regardless of whether he does or not....solving the Golden Panthers starting QB against Penn State or QB mystery for 2007 may not be that complicated. Neither is your chance to win an opportunity to be a guest blogger for a day on the GPP. Details after our mystery.

Scooby_2  While the GPP thought of contacting Scooby and the gang or even Sherlock Shomes Holmes, we figured why not take a stab at "The Mystery of the 3-Headed Quarterback" ourselves.

You guys can also play along at home with the home version by sending in your comments. Here we go....

The players in this case are: sophomore Wayne Younger (good feet and mobility, improving accuracy), sophomore Paul McCall (good arm, mobility not as bad as some may think) and freshman Colt Anderson (has all the tools, may or may not be ready for college game speed). The site of the mystery is FIU's new AstroPlay practice field facing SW 8 Street.

The clues are scarce as one look at the FIU depth chart for the Penn State game shows. On the depth chart this is how the starting quarterback is listed: C. Anderson/P. McCall/W. Younger. So in other words, the average fan reading the DC will come to conclusion that 1 of the 3 will take the first snap. Elementary, My Dear Watson!

But we know that you good folks who read the GPP are not the average fan, so we'll press on....

After scouring for clues on the practice field, around Pharmed Arena and asking questions of MC, the 3 QBs, James Coley and anyone else involved with this mystery, here's the conclusion the GPP has come up with.

Wayne Younger and Paul McCall will probably alternate depending on the game's situation. Right now, Younger is the most mobile and with an O-line that is developing, WY may be the most suited to run the Clip offense. That's not to say PM will have a clipboard glued to his hand. The gut feeling here is when the coaching staff feels a change is needed in the game or if WY struggles then PM will enter. PM wasn't really given a full shot last year to show what he has. Might be wrong, but the thinking here is CA may hold the clipboard the longest while he's worked into the rotation slowly, because he is the future of this team and you don't want to shellshock the kid.

OK, in honor of Bob Barker stepping down from the Price is Right earlier this year, we're going to start Bbeaut our own game show where one lucky person can write their own blog on the GPP after the season concludes with the Orange Bowl finale against North Texas on Dec. 1. Of course, if FIU wins the Sun Belt or another bowl invitation we'll move the guest blog date to after the bowl game.

Here's how you can play: Each week before FIU's game send in your game prediction with a score. Example: FIU 24, Penn State 23. Whoever has the most correction predictions on FIU's 12-game schedule will win a guest blog. There will probably be several people with the same number of correct games so the tiebreaker will be the overall closest to the exact score of each game. Continuing with the example above: if the actual score of the game is PSU 30, FIU 10, then I'm 0-1 and I missed the exact score by 21 points (PSU 30-23=7, FIU 24-10=14) Therefore I'm minus 21 on the season. We'll add up each week's games to the point total. In the tiebreaker, the person with the lowest points total at the end of the season will win the showcase and the guest blog.

Standings and point totals will be posted each week on the GPP and you MUST predict ALL 12 games in order to be eligible. All persons in the U.S. and the world are eligible to enter, but you must be over 18 or have your parent sign a permission slip. Thanks and enjoy!


FIUJM & FIU Fanatic: Marquis Rolle is looking like he will be ineligible for this season. As far as FIUJM's question about not naming a QB being good or bad. I'll bet the team already knows who the QB is, but it can only help if Penn State does not.

FIUGolden: I'm hearing there may be a pep rally before the Maryland game since it's the home opener. Haven't heard anything on Penn State game.

Hay: PG left enough space when he re-designed the stands in the new stadium so that soccer can be played on the new field. FIU is still talking to MLS to bring a team down here. Looks like PG is taking a lot of the home field advantages from the OB into the new FIU Stadium.

MancuniasRedArmy: I've had some news on FIU baseball in recent previous blogs, regarding the new assistants and the 2008 schedule. Spoke with Sergio Rouco the other day at football practice and he's very excited about this season. The Golden Panthers begin hoops training camp in mid-October. We'll have an FIU basketball blog soon. And another FIU baseball one as the season draws closer.

UltimateFIUFan & FIUBlue82: FIU hoops plays Dec. 29 of this year at Purdue and Dec. 31 at Kentucky.Judd_2   The non-conference home sked features: South Florida (Nov. 26), Hurricanes (Dec. 8) and George Mason (Dec. 21). The cat quick FIU guard is Kenneth White, who transferred from Texas A&M. He hit a half-court shot to win one of the Pharmed League games this summer.

CJ: The rivalry with the Hurricanes should continue in football, especially since North Texas bowed out of the Hurricanes sked in 2008. But what I'm hearing is the Hurricanes do not want to play FIU.

SouthPaw: Good take on QB situation. But I don't know if you throw CA to the Lions (no pun intended).

WOrta1128: Everything is coming down for the new stadium. The north stands will remain for the first year before they build the student center in Phase 2. There will be new locker rooms and weight room where the current field house is now.

seiscervezas: If your buddy Bruce Hardy shows up this Saturday at FIU, he'll be disappointed, because all the players will be in Happy Valley, PA.


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