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Just When You Thought Practice Was Over....

Interesting end and teaching moment to Thursday's practice for the Golden Panthers.Teach_2

Now, what happened I'm sure has been done before by several college coaches across the nation, but if you have followed the history of FIU football, then you'll know why this ending to practice made an impression on the team.

Thursday's workout was for the most part a special teams scrimmage (more on that later in this post). At the end of practice, as usual, FIU did its grueling conditioning. Thursday it was 40-yard sprints.

Afterward the team was nice and tired and thought practice was over (Over? Did you say over?).

Jb_3 That's when MC yelled out "Overtime" and told his boys "This is how you are going to feel at the end of the 4th quarter of a tied game."

Good way to get a tired team ready for an overtime situation. MC then instructed the defense after the FIU offense scores: "If you get an interception or recover a fumble stay down, because that will be the ESPN highlight."

The D won the overtime session with "El Oso" Scott Bryant (below, right) and Tyler Clawson combining on a tackle behind the line of scrimmage. El Oso and Marshall McDuffie had pass deflections. Jonathan Jackson and James Jones had sacks to finish OT.

Again not groundbreaking stuff here, but never witnessed that game situation ever worked on before atSb  an FIU practice. That's one thing about this coaching staff. They work on every possible game situation during practice.

Before the ST scrimmage on Thursday, the focus was on the offense getting out of the end zone from its own 1-yard line. And they would have on one nice pass from Paul McCall to Blue25, but -- breaking news here -- Blue25 finally dropped a pass.

As far as the ST, FIU has some game-breaking speed this season in T.Y. Hilton, who took a punt back 70 yards for a TD. (Wasn't it written on here before that opponents would be seeing a lot of the back of T.Y.'s jersey?) Jason Frierson had a 51-yd punt return that would have gone for 6 if not for kicker Dustin Rivest's diving tackle. Julian Reams returned a kickoff 53 yards.

Ty_2 The kickers went 7 of 8 on FGs all from 27 yards out. Give you one guess, who blocked a FG on the only miss of the day? (Hint: Superman's father)

Thursday's offensive hi-lites: Daunte Owens with some 20+ yard runs -- Jorel one came courtesy of some good blocks from Greg Ellingson and the O-line.

Once again, an active D with Michael Dominguez, Ricky Booker, Jackson, Andre Pound and Kambriel Willis recording sacks. Little Canada was in the O backfield again causing trouble.

The lowlights from Thursday were the kickers inability to get kickoffs past the 10-yard line. All 3 struggled with long boots. MC said afterward there would be some more kicker tryouts in the next week.


Some hoops sked news in the middle of football camp. FIU will play at UCLA and Georgetown next season in its OOC sked. The UCLA game is the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend and play the Hoyas on Dec. 23. Don't worry Golden Dazzlers, the UCLA cheerleaders have got nothing on you ladies.

alt7787: Hey Pete is that your prom picture?Ucla

GPP: No. My prom didn't start until after 9 p.m. and I wore a black tux, not a white James Bond tux.

FIU Fan: Do you think we can get some audio/video interviews with some of the guys? For Sept 20, is the stadium going to have 1 or 2 scoreboards?

GPP: When the MH gives me a camera we'll get some video interviews on here. Considering we're at a salary freeze right now, don't know how soon that will be.

There will be 2 scoreboards for the new stadium opener. East and West. The west board is the old one that was on the east side of the old FIU Stadium. Been told the new video scoreboard will be installed the week before the game. The Golden Panthers were taping their individual player profiles for the video board the other day.

inspubadj: I hear another basketball coach has left Rouco's staff. What is going on?

GPP: Yes, Ken Huber left to Gardner-Webb, family thing is the word. FIU did hire Heath Glick from Florida State, who was FIU's director of basketball operations a few years ago.


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