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Weekly news conference; countdown to Rutgers; Dasher update

Tre00 MCristobal LSPT GDC Coach Cristobal touched on many points during Wednesday's news conference inside FIU's newly remolded football meeting room.

Have you decided who will be the starting QB?

"We have a good plan and we are very close to making some of those things final. If we make them public or not, that depends on what we want to go with over the next couple of days."

What would a win mean to FIU?

"Anytime you step outside the conference and play a football game of this caliber it always give you a chance to measure yourself against the top programs in the country. Rutgers has established themselves as that type of program. Being at home adds a little special feeling as well."

On the defense

"Rutgers is a real physical football team. I think they showed that all season last year. They are very dangerous."


"We're good friends. I'm looking forward to playing him on Saturday."

Do you see any parallels between Rutgers and FIU?

"Lots of parallels. Very similar blueprint. The differences in the blueprint, us taking over during probation and missing 16-20 scholarships and not having that issue at Rutgers. Year after year being a little ahead in games won. We are a little ahead of the schedule in that respect. In terms of process, changing the culture, building the program, it's almost identical. In terms of the type and caliber of student athletes we are bringing into the program. A great learning experience because when you walk into a place where it seems impossible and you start chipping away at that and the process takes it course and it finally hits. I believe it was year 5 or 6 six when it finally popped for [Rutgers] with that bowl game. It was very encouraging when that happened."

Faucher29 preview MHS AU Will Jonathan Faucher (left, during his years at Cypress Bay) be ready to play on Saturday?

"He's ready for as many plays as he needs. Fauch is very important guy on special team as much as he is on the offensive side of the ball. We are very excited to have him back."

What did you learn last year from Rutgers?

"They are disciplined and talented. That is a very tough combination. They do it all pretty well."

How would you grade yourself?

"I don't grade and I don't rate performances. My job here is make sure our guys graduate and our football team gets better."

Middle Tenn Dasher Dwight Dasher (left) update

Middle Tennessee coach Rick Stockstill said - earlier this week - that he hopes the NCAA will render its' decision on Dasher's suspension sometime this week. 

Story on Miami native and current Rutgers LB Antonio Lowery (right) Norfolk St Rutgers Football

The Newark Star-Ledger had a nice story about LB Antonio Lowery and his return home to Miami. Story here.

Check back Friday for a full breakdown of the game against Rutgers and my predictions.

Response to comments

Q. 18.5 points? Are you serious?!?!? 17 Point game at most...FIU FPL

A. Don't get mad at me, I don't set the lines. You can thank the good people in Las Vegas for that. Last year the line was 14 and it was at Rutgers. Not really sure what the odds makers find so different this time around. It might have to do with the fact that FIU has an unproven QB and new coordinators. Guess we have to wait and see.

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