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Q&A with FIU cornerback Anthony Gaitor

Anthony Gaitor, FIU’s all-conference cornerback, will participate in Saturday night’s Texas vs. the Nation as he continues to prepare for April’s NFL Draft. He took time out of practice Thursday to talk with us.

 Q: So how’s it going out in San Antonio?

 “It’s great. I'm learning how to interact with other scouts, the whole process, and being around other players, I’m learning from them. It's very competitive. All of these guys from a lot of big schools. Going up against the best.”

Q: Who have you covered in practice?

“I've covered guys from everywhere, like Kris Durham from Georgia, Derrell Johnson-Koulianos from Iowa. Everything's a rotation right now, we're just rotating in, getting the same amount of reps. We run the 4-3, so I’m playing a lot of Cover-1 and Cover-3. We're getting the one-on-ones, competing, trying to show the scouts what we can do.”

Q: Are you still enrolled at FIU, or are you focused completely on draft preparation?

“I'm doing my last class online, and I will walk in the spring with a degree in sports management. I'm very proud. It's a dream come true. I’m so blessed. It's one of my dreams. My dreams are coming true, every day.

“I'm just happy right now that I'm blessed. I got the opportunity to play in an all-star game. I just need to enjoy the process. Most people don't have this opportunity. Most people don't have the opportunity to get drafted. I know a lot more work needs to be put in. I’m grateful.”

Q: You’re not the only Golden Panther to get selected to an all-star game. Have you talked with Brad Serini at all?

“I talk to him, and see how things are going for him. He told me that every day you're out there, show what you're capable of, what your ability is. He just wished me good luck. I’ll see him on March 3. That's FIU’s pro day.”

Q: What did you think of FIU’s latest recruiting class? They have more and more Northwestern High kids signing with the team each year.

“I heard it went nice. I’m happy that FIU is a team that's not overlooked anymore. That was my whole reason for attending FIU, to build something from the ground up. No matter how bad a team is, that's not the end of it. That’s what I tell my high school teammates, who looked up to me, questioned why I chose FIU over Georgia. I’m thankful and grateful that I went there.

 “I never once a regret that I chose a Sun Belt school over an SEC school. Your talent is going to always show. That's one of the things that I show guys. I appreciate everything they've done for me. I’m thankful that they gave me an opportunity to play at FIU. They never once gave up on me. It's not all about the big schools. But when you see a team like that, you want to be part of something big. Now, look at us now. We're getting there. We won the SBC and conference. That’s step one of the process.”




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