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FIU's Multiple (Turner) Offense

Head football coach Ron Turner brought Stanford offensive assistant coach Morgan Turner to Near Sweetwater as the assistant coach in charge of tight ends and offensive tackles.

Morgan Turner joins brother Cameron Turner, FIU's quarterbacks and wide receivers coach. Ron Turner, who'll serve as his own offensive coordinator, knows the younger Turners the same way. He knew their mother, Wendy Turner, first.

Wednesday, Turner explained the characteristics of those he wanted on his staff.

“What was most important to me, No. 1 good people,” Turner said. “Good people who are good teachers, good communicators know the game of football, but also care about individuals. If you’ve got guys who care about guys and they know that they care about them, they’re going to play hard. They’re going to want to please them.

“What was also important to me was getting people on the staff that I knew,” he continued. “Either, I know personally, worked with personally, know what kind of people they are. Or, they worked for or with someone that I’ve worked for or with and know personally and trust. Every guy on this staff that I’ve hired fits that bill.”

Too bad there's no chance of bringing in Ted Turner as Assistant Coach in Charge of Writing Really Fat Checks. Or, this Turner below...





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