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Starters & Subs

FIU's depth chart for this week's game at Indiana has senior outside linebacker Davison Colimon (shoulder) and senior cornerback Jeremiah McKinnon (hamstring) starting despite the injuries that took them out Thursday. No surprise.

McKinnon should be fine with the extended time off before Saturday. Colimon's the bigger question and unless he's out for the season, FIU won't flip that card over this early in the week.

Indiana, as many FIU fans probably saw Saturday, played a cosmopolitan defense in Saturday's 48-47 win against FCS foe Southern Illinois -- reading Cosmo while sucking down cosmos instead of reading their keys and sucking it up in the absence of several starters. Monday, Hoosiers coach Kevin Wilson talked about the nine players who didn't take the field.

"I want to quickly address, not in a bad way, but after the game the comments of nine guys suspended. We had nine guys not available. If they were suspended they wouldn't have dressed, they wouldn't have traveled. They weren't allowed to play in the game. Our decision. Our program has standards we live up to. And when you miss the game, you miss the next game.

"So if you're a redshirt last year, couldn't play last year, that might have happened 18 months ago. When is your next game? Because you missed the next game. Something happens tonight, you'll miss Saturday. So you miss the next game.

"So nothing's happened in the last week, month, two months. There's no issues. Say again, there are no issues with these guys. They're kids. There are issues 'cause they're kids, but there's phenomenal buy-in. They know the lay of the land. They know where they're at. They're doing a great job. We moved forward this summer as a family. It's the best group we've had."

Wilson said that's all he wanted to say about that. Then, he said some more: "Pay for a guy to go to summer school, doesn't got to class and fails it, what do you do? You got a guy missing morning workouts in the spring, what do you do? Guy fumbles the ball in a game, Tevin Coleman, what do you do? We have standards we stay by. If you don't hold your standards, there's certain penalties that come with standards. You can over-read into it. Those guys weren't allowed to play. We'll see if they are this week."

That should make FIU fans feel great. After all, if long ago acts brought on the benchings, then surely Wilson gave the players he knew would play the greater reps throughout training camp. That's what FIU's Ron Turner did with cornerback Richard Leonard and wide receiver Glenn Coleman two years ago and safety Jordan Davis, academically ineligible for the first two games, this year.

Indiana's backups who started didn't find out when they arrived at the stadium on Saturday. They've known. They've practiced. An Power Five conference team's well-drilled subs shouldn't drag a defense down that badly against an FCS light-heavyweight. That means you're just not good. Monday evening, Wilson issued a statement that eight of the nine were eligible to return Saturday..





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