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Who is Donte McGill?

Besides FIU men's basketball's starting point guard and leading scorer, that is. McGill's 17 games removed from Vincennes junior college and two seasons removed from Division II Goldey-Beacom College.

Tell me something about Newark, Delaware or your neighborhood in Newark, Delaware...

"It's pretty nice. I moved out of Philadelphia when I was younger. It's a pretty good neighborhood. Not too much going on. I get to relax and focus on what I need to do.

"It's like a small city area, almost. There's a little bit of crime, stuff going on. I just try to stay focused and out of that stuff."

What's on your pregame playlist?

"Chief Keef. Some of my friends (Chan Andreas) rap, too, so I listen to their stuff. I really just put my phone on shuffle and let it play."

What's something about you that surprises people who don't know you well?

 "My work ethic. I feel like I worked very hard to get here, coming from a Division II school and a junior college. I've focused on working hard, always staying determined and knowing where I wanted to go in my life. As I got here, I've been double of what I did before."

How'd you find Vincennes?

"There's a guy I don't know too well. I sent him an e-mail with my numbers from Division II and sent him some videotape. Taht was the first school that called me. They were ranked Top 5 in teh nation for junior colleges. So, it was a good fit right off the bat. I was really blessed to get that (offer). All those top players get to leave there and go to good schools. I felt like it was just supposed to happen."

What'd you think about the town of Vincennes (a city of 18,000 in Southern Indiana)?

"I liked it. I actually miss it a little bit. It was small. All the fans come out to the games and support us. It was a good environment to play basketball in. It's a basketball game."

Growing up playing basketball on the playground or Nerfhoop, which player did you imagine yourself being. And when you were just yourself, which team did you imagine you played for?

"I was playing for the Sixers. I liked AI (Allen Iverson) a lot. That was the player I wanted to be like.

Other than your mom or your dad, what one individual most believed in your basketball goals/dream?

"Probably one of my close friends. I call him "my brother." His name's "Rel" (Jerrell). He used to play basketball, too (in high school). He just figured out he had to do something else. He always pushed me. We'd always go to the gym together every single day and work out four times a day. He just helped me stay focused and that I can do whatever I set my mind to. He always pushed me to do better. He always liked to tell me what I need to get better on, stuff like that. I've known him about eight years."





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