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The University Speaks on Feagin & Chinn...Sort Of

From FIU's Office of External Relations

Dear University Community:

We take all allegations of misconduct seriously and address them. While the University is bound by federal student privacy laws and is respectful of ongoing law enforcement investigations, the University believes that our students and our community should be aware of the key facts regarding recent news stories about alleged misconduct involving a student-athlete and an employee.  

The University has a responsibility to ensure that our classrooms, athletic fields and all of our campuses are free from any form of harassment and that all of our students, as well as faculty and staff, feel safe so that our learning community can thrive. We also have a responsibility to investigate any and all claims reported to the University while we ensure fairness and due process to all involved.

FIU Police opened a criminal theft investigation involving this student-athlete on or about February 15. Based on information provided to the Athletic Department on February 22, the student-athlete was suspended from the women’s basketball team the following day. Subsequently, the student-athlete reported serious allegations against an FIU employee. Investigations have already started under Title IX guidelines and NCAA by-laws. Based on the information gathered so far, head women’s basketball coach Marlin Chinn has been suspended, pending the outcome of the investigation.

We want to reiterate that at FIU there is no tolerance for misconduct by an employee or a student.  We will pursue the truth to the best of our abilities while supporting the victims and ensuring due process for all involved.

We ask the University community for patience as law enforcement, as well as other trained professionals, complete their work. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.






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