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E-mail Questions

Stray thoughts about the e-mail FIU media relations sent out Thursday night regarding The Herald's stories detailing women's basketball captain Destini Feagin's claims that head coach Marlin Chinn was trying to have a sexual relationship with her.

What the e-mail did say that was new?

It placed Feagin's suspension at Feb. 23. Feagin said Thursday night when I contacted her that Chinn told her Feb. 24 she was suspended in the conversation she recorded. 

It stated FIU cops had an investigation open regarding Feagin and the teammate's Athletic Panther Bucks card since Feb. 15. The Herald already reported Feagin used the card to the tune of $350; that she admitted it; that she felt she deserved some consequences for her actions; and that her mother, Joi Nicholson, put that money back on the teammate's account (yes, I saw the receipt). Some readers missed all that amidst the salacious details Chinn's alleged sexual harassment.

But why bring up the police investigation? The misuse/theft/team violation already had been reported, acknowledged and addressed.

(One former FIU director of football operations -- there's about as many of those as former Yankees managers from George Steinbrenner's temperamental peak -- found the revelation of a police connection and putting it at back at Feb. 15 pretty convenient. He told me such card issues never make it to FIU cops.)

What didn't the e-mail say that was new? 

Why was Chinn allowed to coach in a game two days after FIU heard the allegations, THEN suspended two or three days after the game? And who made that call?

Did President Rosenberg hear Feagin's allegations that she was being harassed in a chance campus encounter or not? The Herald asked last Wedensday. Must have gone in the Pay No Mind folder along with some other e-mails we could name...

What really was the reason track coach Eric Campbell departed two years ago? (Whoops, wrong situation...)

What has FIU's investigation into Feagin's allegations found?

Because without those questions, you have to ask...

What was the e-mail's purpose?






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