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January 30, 2007

Mile High Super Bowl

Elway_1Looking for Super Bowl tickets? Well, if you know a member of the Panthers and know said player has tickets, you might want to give them a call.

The Panthers technically are in town for the Big Game, playing at home on Saturday before playing at Colorado -- in the much-anticipated rematch of the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals -- on Tuesday.

Only the team is flying west on Sunday instead of on Monday. That means Super Bowl parties (for the handful of players who actually care about our style of football) in Denver for the Cats.

I'm still flying out on Monday so if you have an extra ticket and would like to be part of my blog, lemme know. We can probably work something out.

Tuesdays With Eddie

PierreIntroducing a new feature to On Frozen Pond, a definite Miami Herald exclusive.

Each Tuesday, I'm going to visit with Panthers goalie Ed Belfour. He's played his way into becoming Florida's top netminder, and I think people would like to get to know 'Eddie the Eagle' a little better.

Unfortunately, Ed doesn't talk very much these days -- especially if you are a member of the South Florida media. Heck, some days you don't even get a grunt.  At today's skate in Pittsburgh, assistant coach Pierre Groulx put on the pads and filled in for Eddie so Eddie could do what he does when he's not on the ice.

Groulx does this from time to time, and as Eddie's practice replacement, he is serving as this week's blog replacement for Eddie. PS: That's Pierre pictured above. Took photo with my cellphone so it's a little crappy. Kind of like Mellon Arena (OH!)

So, with apologies to the Dan LeBatard Show on 790 The Ticket, here is our interview with the fake Eddie Belfour:

On Frozen Pond: You seemed a little frustrated out there in practice. You OK?

Fake Eddie Belfour: It was frustrating because you can't let these guys beat you twice in practice. I just have to get ready for the game.

OFP: There's a report you might sign with Pittsburgh in time for tonight's game.

FEB: I wish I could because that would give the Panthers a much better chance to win.

OFP: Talk about your recent hot streak.

FEB: You know what, the guys are really playing well in front of me. They deserve a lot of the credit for our success lately. They've been great.

And now,


-- The Real Eddie Belfour starts in net tonight, but you already knew that if you read the real Miami Herald today. Nice job Pete Pelegrin.

-- Bad news for Branislav Mezei. According to JM, Mezei had surgery on Monday to fix his injured shoulder and he is out for the year. Just another setback for Mez, a guy who has one season-ending injury after another. Last year he injured his knee 16 games into the season; in 2003-04 he missed 37 games with an eye injury. In 2002-03, he missed 27 games with a broken ankle and 43 with a broken foot. Hopefully Mez comes back in time for training camp and doesn't have to go through this again.

-- JM says he's happy with the current six D-men, but is looking for more depth. Once again, he mentioned Alexei Semenov (off in Russia) as an option as is Rochester's Martin Lojek.

-- It's snowing in Pittsburgh. I hit Steve Goldstein with a snowball and almost caught Brian X right in the noggin with one. I was then called immature.

I know you are but what am I? Pffffffffft.

January 29, 2007

Super Week

SupershuffleSeems to be a pretty busy week here in SoFla, what with the Panthers playing two home games and everything.

Seriously, what's all the fuss? The Panthers play home games all the time. I don't know why everyone's coming to town just to see Washington and LA, but, OK.

On a serious note, didn't the NHL schedule makers realize this is Super Bowl week? Couldn't the Panthers play three home games this week, maybe one featuring Sidney Crosby? Look at Thursday's Heat game and count the celebrities in the crowd. Going to be packed. Compare that to Thursday's Panthers game. Different deal baby. The Panthers are just hoping hockey fan Denis Leary shows up. Or at the very, very least, Cuba Gooding Jr.

Off to the tropics tonight, looking forward to hanging out in Pittsburgh for the next two evenings. Leaving the sandals and the shorts at home. Don't think I'll wear either on this trip.

January 26, 2007

Back in the Saddle II

Jayhorse_1The Panthers had a couple guys get back up on the horse on Friday, from Todd Bertuzzi participating in his first practice since October and Randy Sexton hired as the new assistant GM. Sexton has been out of the league since he was Sens GM in 1996.

Bertuzzi looked pretty good at practice today, did a number of things but didn't take any contact. He also left 10 minutes early and looked a little winded. We'll know more about how today went after he meets with his doctor.

January 24, 2007

Big Fun in Big D

Youppi_1Ran into some old friends on my way to the All-Star Game, one who used to work for the Expos and the other who came all the way up from Alligator Alley.

Everyone here is in a festive mood, except of course, for the media.

Apparently the locker rooms have been open to reporters for the past two hours. No one informed said reporters, however. We were informed that the locker rooms no one knew were open were about to close in two minutes. So, good times there. Nice job NHL.

At least I finally got my picture taken with Youppi.

-- So how tight is security around this All-Star Game? Mavericks owner and big hockey fan Mark Cuban just got zapped coming in through the X-Ray machine. The championship ring he was wearing set off the machine and it was discovered that the ring actually belonged to Heat owner Micky Arison.

-- Seriously, just made that last one up. But I did see the Pittsburgh mascot trying to sneak in. They made the bug-eyed Penguin take off his head and it turned out to be Sidney Crosby.


January 23, 2007

Dallas Day 2

DallasSorry, no pics from my Treo today. Not unless you wanted a shot of Gary Bettman or JM or even Michael Yormark.

Lots of news and notes today, most going in tomorrow's editions of The Herald. But, here's stuff I can give you: The Panthers were one of the teams that wanted a change in the schedule (big shock) but the current system stays in place at least one more season. That means eight games through the division and playing only 10 of the 15 teams from the Western Conference next year.

So, Cat Fans, it looks like Roberto Luongo and the rest of the Northwest Division are coming to Sunrise next year. The Panthers will travel to the Central and not play the Pacific.

-- Michael Yormark gave a mini State of the Panthers address Tuesday after the Board of Governor's meeting. Said some good stuff about the team, but then again, he usually does.

-- JM was asked if he was trading Gary Roberts and he basically said no. Not with the Panthers so close to a playoff spot. Lets wait and see how the next couple weeks pan out.

-- JayBo will participate in a few things tonight during the Skills Competition. Here are the highlights of what's going down tonight. It's on Versus, so, good luck:

Event 1 -- Puck Control relay; Jay in Race 2 individual vs. Rick Nash

E 2 -- Fastest Skater; East (Staal, Campbell, Ovechkin); West (Marleau, Guerin, McDonald)

E3 -- Shootout 1...Goalies West Turco vs. East Huet

E4 -- Hardest shot

E5 -- Shootout 2...Goalies Kiprusoff vs. Brodeur

E6 -- Shooting Accuracy

E7 -- In the Zone; Round 3 involves JayBo, Ovechkin and Vinny LeCav vs. Luongo; JovoCop in Round 1 vs. Huet

E8 -- Shootout 3....Heatley, Vinny, Blake and Ovechkin vs. Luongo...Miller in net for East

E9 -- 1-on-1 shootout...The Grand Finale

Sidney vs. Luongo; Selanne vs. Miller

January 22, 2007

All-Star Panther

Bojersey Botv1Jay Bouwmeester is the lone Jaytv2 Florida Panther on the Eastern Conference All-Star team and the mild-mannered defenseman seemed to enjoy his time.

A good number of All-Stars here have been raving not only about Jay's natural ability, but his maturity into one of the top d-men in the league today. There have been rumblings out of Tampa that Dan Boyle should be on this team and not Jay, but at 22, this may his first All-Star Game but it probably won't be his last.

More on JayBo the All-Star in Wednesday's editions of your Miami Herald.

Uniform Decision

UniformsReebok, which some are now simply calling R-B-K, unveiled their new uniform design for this All-Star Game and next season.

Saw Garth Brooks at the swanky event, although Gary Bettman says Brooks' 10-gallon (Cooper City) cowboy hat is not part of the new unis.

The jerseys look pretty cool and they're not that different looking from what the guys currently wear. They are quite different as far as performance goes, with Marty Turco explaining that the lighter, water-resistant material will help goalies a lot. Instead of just sitting there soaking in their own sweat, these new jerseys wick away the moisture. At least that's what they say.

PS: I took the above picture. Seriously.

Up next: Talking with the All-Stars. Going to talk to this Luongo fella. Heard he's pretty good.

Greetings from the Garden State

JrewingYep, that's right, blogging from deep in the hearta Texas. Don't know why they call it the Garden State since everything looks the same shade of brown, but hey, there are parts of New Jersey that aren't so nice either.

Oh, of course I know Texas is called the Lone Star State, just funnin' with you. People here are proud to be Texans, as the number of Texas flags flying from buildings along the highway leading from the airport to the hotel is just staggering. Seriously, I think there is a state law that says if you own a business in Texas, you got to have at least one flagpole. Although most places have two or three.

Anywho, the All-Star Game is in town this week, and it's being played on a Wednesday. Seems the NHL doesn't want anyone to watch this game. Not only is it on Vs. (Unofficial motto No. 1: Try and Find Us on your Cable Dial. We Dare You.), but it's going against American Idol.

Um, OK. I understand the NHL didn't want to get its All-Star Festival of the Stars lost in the shuffle of the weekend. But the NFL is on hiatus this weekend. If the league is scared to go up against whatever is being put on this weekend instead of football, well, we're in trouble here folks.

Now, apparently, the All-Star Game is about to become second-to-third fiddle in its hometown. Bill Parcells, once a great coach, has reportedly stepped down as coach of Dallas' Arena Football League team, the Desperados. It's a tough day for the Desperados, a team that plays its games in a domed stadium that never seemed to get finished. Feel bad for that team. Have they ever won anything? Anyway, that's pretty big news out here in Cowboy Country. Maybe TO will drop the ceremonial puck Wednesday; he seems to have dropped plenty of passes this year (OH!).
Texasstadium Parcells


OK, enough talk about futbol. Off to check out the new uniforms here in a moment, and then off to downtown for a business appointment with an oil man who wants to sponsor "On Frozen Pond" for the week. Never heard of Ewing Oil, but whatever. This fella, name of J.R. I believe, is going to take me out to lunch on his ranch.

I just hope it's not called Neverland.


PS: Did you know the Alamo does not have a basement? That's something you don't learn in school kids.

PPS: To read a little more official All-Star Game stuff, saunter over to Matt Sacco's blog on the Panthers website. Mattie's a good boy (try repeating that line with an Irish accent for kicks) and is here to serve you, the loyal hockey reader. I am too, but that's not the point. DOYA WANNA CLICK HERE? Love the line about the Flute with no holes. Obviously a fan of Caddyshack and a reader of this blog. Here's to ya Mattie!

January 20, 2007

Spring Break!

ElboroomTime for the Panthers to take a few days off, recharge the batteries.
Beating Washington on Saturday afternoon sure was a good way to head out on the break.

Some of the guys are headed home, some are going to hang out and enjoy the beautiful South Florida weather. Going to be a lot of golf and fishing on the agenda.

Jay Bouwmeester isn't getting the week off, he's got a date in Wednesday's All-Star Game. JM will be out in Dallas too, the big GM's meeting going down. The Panthers are going to likely vote to change the schedule, JM saying numerous times that each team needs to play each other at least once. I concur. This current sked isn't working and needs to be tweaked. I hope it happens -- even though it means more trips out west which means less time at home. Oh well.

Hope to blog daily from Dallas, keep you all informed of what's going on out there. Will be there Monday morning for the new uniform unveiling so stay tuned for that.

January 19, 2007

Back to Rochester

Larman_1 Drew Larman packed his bags after the game last night and was off to Rochester. Larman was a healthy scratch in Florida's 3-2 loss to the Mapes and lost his spot in the lineup with Jozef Stumpel coming back.

Of course, he may not be the only guy heading to Roch this weekend.

A week off can make for some lazy Panthers.

January 18, 2007

Canada's Team? Not here

FloridasignWhat's happened to all the Leaf fans in South Florida? Are the Ontario-based snow birds staying home due to global warming and /or the high cost of renting a one-bedroom efficiency in Broward County these days?

Used to be a time when the Panthers could count on the Blue-and-White to help fill the CorporateSponsorship Arena in the swampland. Those days aren't over just yet, but they ain't happy either.

The Leafs -- Team Canada in some circles -- was another attendance bust at CSA Thursday. Despite the team giving away ticket vouchers in bars/restaurants and selling choice tickets for $7 online, seats were available en masse. Section 411 had two people in it midway through the first.

And empty seats for games with the Leafs in town must mean the franchise is in trouble. That seems to be the take of the Toronto media, anyway. ESPN.com ran a column by the Toronto Star's Damian Cox  DESTINATION NOWHERE? in which the future of hockey in South Florida is question. Truth is, when the Toronto media is here, the joint has pretty much been empty. Doesn't look good and doesn't dispel preconceived notions about this market.

I'm not saying the Panthers are the strongest organization in the game, but they're giving it a shot and seemed to have settled things down a bit. I wish they wouldn't paste an ad on every available empty space in the arena, but it seems to be making them a buck or two. One man's cheese is another's gravy I guess (a Poutine reference. Yes!)

But the Panthers ain't going anywhere folks (read that sentence as if Brent Musburger was saying it. Makes for a fun game).

The people selling all these ads run the arena, and they can't sell anything if there is no hockey team in town. You think The Miami Herald -- or BankAtlantic or Toyota or the Rainmaker -- is putting its name on the scoreboard if there isn't a hockey game for it to be on? The scoreboard heads to the rafters during concerts and the lights on the side boards are turned off.

No hockey means nothing to sell and these folks love to sell. In fact, coming into the arena tonight one of the team's executives tried to get me to lease a new Camry. The deal was enticing, but I declined. I did sign a one-year deal for an exterminator, though.

OK, back to the Leafs. Why don't they sellout down here anymore? Sure there were a lot of Leafs fans in the building, but no more noticeable than any other team that comes through here. In 2003-04 (the year before the lockout), the Leafs sold out one date and came close to selling out the other. Last year, there was an announced crowd of 11,215 for one and 16,802 (weekend game, Panthers still in playoff hunt) for the other. This year? The first date with the Leafs drew an announced 13,323 (so subtract 1,500 for a more accurate number). Thursday was probably less than that.

And don't forget, the Panthers and the Heat play in two separate buildings unlike many of the NHL/NBA cities in the league. And guess who was playing down in Miami on Thursday? The Heat, of course. I know the Raptors can't compete with the Leafs in Toronto, but this isn't Toronto. The Heat, with their title and their lineup and the fact that they haven't played a home game in weeks, matters here. True hockey fans pick the Panthers sure, but casual sports fans in this market are probably picking the Heat when the two play on the same night.

Leave (Leaf?) me your thoughts on why Toronto doesn't draw down here like it once did. Can't be the price of tickets (not if you've ever tried to get them at Maple Leaf Gardens or the ACC) or parking. Maybe the lure of Denis Potvin and Dave Strader on TV is just too much to give up. I can see that.

January 16, 2007

Milestones, Memories and Commercials

The Panthers celebrated their 1,000th game in franchise history Tuesday night, although you wouldn't have known if you were in the arena (and judging by the thousands of empty seats, it's safe to say you weren't).

The team finally announced to the crowd that it was a milestone game with 3:45 left in the first period. Until then, there had been no mention of the occasion. They have mentioned a few sponsors, but that goes without saying.

Instead of celebrating the team's history, we got more of the same commercials the fans here are subjected to every game. None of these could have been postponed for one night? We really needed a 30 second spot pimping a Placido Domingo concert that isn't until March?

Kudos to the broadcast team for using their pregame show to celebrate what little history this team has.

It sure didn't seem like the Panthers organization cared a whole lot about it.

Greatest Thing Ever!

A special thanks to Matty for pointing out that the Panthers intro video can be seen by anyone at anytime on YouTube. Just watched it again, and I'm dead serious, it cracks me up every time I watch it. I honestly look forward to weekend games at CSA just to see this cheesefest. Now I can watch it anytime. Isn't America great?

And who knew Todd Bertuzzi could play piano?

Enjoy! And thanks again Matty.


And here's a bonus; Jamie McLennan playing Roberto Luongo's backup. Great stuff.


Now if someone could put last year's video (with JM and MKeenan yukking it up Mission Impossible style) that would be great. Really great.

Beezer's Back

BeezerGood to hear John Vanbiesbrouck on the Versus telecast last night. Beezer's been working hard to get his broadcast career going, first working the Stanley Cup Finals last year for the NHL international feed and now getting some assignments on Vs. extra coverage.

Hey, it's a start.

Most Panther fans have a soft spot in their hearts for Beezer, what with him carrying them on his back to the Stanley Cup Finals 11 years ago (yeah, 11 years. Feel a little older after that did ya?) John still feels very sorry about his embarrassing incident a few years back and I'm sure it's something that is affecting him in this new endeavor. Let's hope not. Dude seems sincere in his apologies. Good to see he's getting another shot. And from what I've heard on television, he sounds pretty good. Not as good as our buddy Dave Strader, but who is?

THE NEWS: Went to practice today and had a good old time. No, seriously, I did. Good to see Anthony Stewart and Drew Larman back at the CSA; Booth is out, had his midsection wrapped heavily in what appeared to be ice (the team is calling it an upper body injury, but I'm going with mid-to-upper body injury just to be a little less vague.) David said he could be back Thursday against the Maple (make like a tree and) Leaves.

-- JM added that Jozef Stumpel will be a game-time decision.

-- Yes, I know its spelled Leafs.

-- Eddie B -- Mr. Talkative -- in net tonight.  Went to talk to him about the start and dude just wouldn't shut up! When you get him going, its just yap, yap, yap. Found out his favorite color is blue, favorite TV show is All My Children and favorite flavour (for you Canadian readers) of ice cream is Phish Food. OK, made that last one up*.

-- Panthers are having an All-Star Game watch party next Wednesday night. I'd be there but I have to be in Dallas for some dumb assignment that evening. It's at All Stars Sports Bar in the Margate/Coral Springs/Deerfield Beach area on Sample Rd. and Powerline. It's between the T-pike and I-95 and is a cool place to watch a game -- or anything else you like watching. It's not my favorite place in that particular neighbourhood (again, my friends from Canada, you're welcome) but it still gets the G-Man stamp of approval.

(*) -- OK, I made all of that up. Haven't talked to Eddie B in days, if not weeks. And I hear his favorite TV show is General Hospital. So, there's that.

January 13, 2007

Capital City Saturday

CapitalcityBeautiful night for hockey here in South Florida, the Washington Capitals in town to play YOUR Panthers.

The big news tonight is Jay Bouwmeester making the All-Star team; nice honor for JayBo although it seems he would rather hang with his Edmonton buddies during the break than go to Dallas. I can't blame him. While it's an honor he can't turn down, the All-star break is a welcomed time off. He ain't getting it now. No, all Jay can look forward to is spending more time with media folk like myself.

Congrats Jay!

-- Feeling good about the vibe the Panthers gave off today. Friday had a very hung-over feel to it, and why not. The boys crashed and burned in that third period in Carolina. Loved Mike Van Ryn's quote about the loss feeling like something rotting in his stomach. Great visual. Really enjoyed reading that one with my morning cup of Tim Hortons coffee (I brew my own) and my yogurt. Thanks, Mike.

Saturday felt like a bounce back day for the Panthers, and they sure did start the game that way. Mr. Emotional (that's what I'm calling Bouwmeester from now on) got things going early before Chris Gratton made it 2-0.

And here's your stat of the night: Florida won seven of eight against the Caps last year, but Bouwmeester's goal gave Florida its first lead against Washington this season. Saturday was the third meeting between the two.

-- Gary Roberts is still out with his hip flexor and doesn't sound very optimistic about his return. Says a return next week not very realistic.

-- The goofy intro video featuring various players at an unnamed local casino (rhymes with Mard Jock made its return Saturday. This thing is classic,perhaps the best goofball thing the team has ever done. You have a bunch of players trying to look cool, only they look really dorky. I actually love this video, so much I've requested it many a time. It's been remade to cut out Joe Nieuwendyk, but it's still so bad I can't even describe it. You have to see this video (they only play it on the weekends).

-- And the Rainmaker is upfront and honest. Just thought everyone needed to know that.

January 07, 2007

Reunion Time!

CchsWell, the Canucks are about the take on the Panthers and it's time for old chums to shake hands and catch up old times.

Roberto Luongo: Hey, Olli Jokinen! How you been man? Been a while. Hope all is good with you bro.

Olli Jokinen: Things could be better, but I'm hanging in.

RL: You do that. So, what are you up to these days?

OJ: I'm captain of the Florida Panthers.

RL: The Panthers? I didn't even know Florida still had a hockey team!

OJ: Oh yeah. We have uniforms and everything. It's really great.

Alright, so I stole that last line from 'Major League.' Actually, Olli went to Roberto's home for dinner last night. Roberto's father-in-law cooked, and if you've ever been to Pizza Time in Coral Springs, you know Olli ate well. I would have ordered, err, asked for the chicken parm.

THE NEWS: Juraj and Gary still out of the lineup because of their injuries. JM hopes they are better in time for Wednesday's game against the Pittsburgh/KC Crosbys. We shall wait and see.

-- Raise a glass for center Kamil Kreps. Dude made his NHL debut on Sunday night. He goes into the Panthers record book wearing No. 54. Other great Panthers to wear that number include, well, Kamil Kreps! Good for him. Gets his own line in the media guide next year.

-- How big is Roberto Luongo in Vancouver? Check out this larger-than-life billboard atop their arena: Louiebillboard

-- Who else is annoyed with those Chevy Truck commerical featuring John Mellancamp's 'Our Country?' Well, they've made it a Canadian commercial as well, obviously leaving out all the American references so the song -- which is supposed to be a bit patriotic -- could be played in any country. Wonder if Chevy is running the ads during telecasts of Russian hockey? Iranian wrestling matches? Brazilian volleyball matches? Anyway, they are just as annoying here as they are back home. I know things are tough at GM, but geez, change the ads! It makes you look cheap.

January 06, 2007

Little Nicky

Saw this posted on another site. Thought some of you all would like. It made me laugh.


January 05, 2007

Living in LouieTown

LouieLuongo2 So, Vancouver's got this new goalie these days. Don't know if you've heard. Guy's name is Loungo, I think that's how you spell it, and word is, he's pretty good.

And he's digging life up here too.

Met up with Roberto today, joked about the surprising Vancouver snow and the driving habits of South Florida sports writers when the roads get a little slushy. He says he loves it in Vancouver, and he does have 27 million reasons why he should be happy.

But I think it's more than the money; Roberto already had a good chunk and the Panthers were going to give him more.

No, being on a winning team, helping possibly lead this team not only to a postseason berth but a divisional title and maybe something more along the way. Why not? You have to have great goaltending in the playoffs, and even though Luongo's never been to the postseason, to paraphrase JM "that ain't his fault.'' I'm betting Luongo's pretty good in the playoffs, something we never got to see here in Florida.

Shame, really.

I like Alex Auld, Bryan Allen and Todd Bertuzzi, too. It stinks for the Panthers that Bertuzzi's been hurt all year and couldn't be that one guy to lift up a team on his back. We'll probably honestly never know if Bertuzzi could have been the guy that made this trade what Mike Keenan thought it would be and everyone else in the organization hoped it would be.

While the Panthers continue to shuffle on, Roberto Luongo is thriving. He's got a new contract, his picture on billboards around a hockey-crazed town and is king of his little corner of the universe. Not too shabby.

Luongo wouldn't go into the Florida stuff much today, he has a game tonight. I didn't expect to talk to him at all today since he didn't talk on game days last year. He was loose, happy, cracking jokes. Last year he was crabby a lot of times, the contract talk and all the losing really wearing on him. For a hockey guy, he's probably in a better place. At least in the standings, anyway.

THE NEWS: Talked to JM (they stayed to workout in Calgary before flying west this afternoon) and he's not sure whether Gary Roberts, Juraj Kolnik or Gregory Campbell will be able to go Sunday against the Luongos. Sprukts and Stewart were sent back, but only so they could play in the Americans game against the Manitoba Moose (I really want their jersey next Christmas) in Winnipeg. JM has to make a decision if he wants to call someone back because the Amerks head east for a Saturday night game in Hamilton (hometown of FSN producer Mitch Rubenstein).

JM will lead the Panthers contingent at GM Place tonight as the Canucks take on Edmonton. It will be the first time the Panthers management have been in the joint since Keenan waltzed around the arena floor on the night of the draft after the Luongo trade. The guy sure could play to an audience.

-- Thursday's loss to Calgary was one of the most depressing locker rooms I've seen in my time covering the Panthers. This team has lost some stinkers in their day, sure, but they had that one in the bag. You're up two goals with four minutes to go, you need to win that game. Alex Auld had plenty of blame for himself, but give his teammates credit. They rallied around him and blamed themselves for putting Alex in a bad spot. You like to see that.

-- Here's a picture of the snow. Vancouversnow_1

It wasn't all fluffy the way I like it. It was slushy, almost like a Slurpee. Of course, it wasn't a Slurpee. I like those, especially they new grapesicle one.

Mmmmm...grapesicle Slurpee....Homer

January 02, 2007

Roberts out

Winger Gary Roberts didn't play in Tuesday's game against the Oilers because of what the team is calling a lower body injury. He was seen leaning on the boards by the Panthers bench during practice, but came out afterward and spoke to the local media.

The Panthers say he is day-to-day and could play Thursday in Calgary -- where he and Joe Nieuwendyk helped lead the Flames to the 1989 Stanley Cup.

Ville Peltonen joins the Olli/Roberts/Horton line.