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Accidental Tourist

PoohTaking some time off this weekend to visit with friends up in Orlando, so figured I would take in some of the parks.

It's fun to act like a tourist every now and again. Last night, for instance, I drove up and down I-4 with my left blinker flashing while going no faster than 45 MPH. And for those good folks from Alabama who almost ran me over at the Turnpike rest stop, sorry about all the kind words I spat in your direction. And watch where you're going next time, clowns. If not, I'm going to sic Joe 'Capt. Birmingham' Goodman on you. Joeygood

So, you're wondering, 'what is the point to all this nonsense Mr. Richards? We don't care about your trips and travels to central Florida. You should be spending your hard-earned money in South Florida anyway. Couldn't you have visited Flamingo Gardens instead? MetroZoo? You know, the International Chess Museum can be quite delightful and a great way to spend a day or a lifetime.'

While all that is true, the reason I bring this up is that I, Senior Blogger, will still be working this weekend. I have some nice stuff in store for you all come Sunday morning. Nothing earth shattering, just extra stuff that will go with our Tomas Vokoun feature that runs in your Sunday Herald. Going to have pics, some neat stuff acquired from Tomas' travails in Nashville.

So come back and see us, ya hear!

And turn off your blinker. It's driving the people behind you crazy. Unless of course, the people behind you are driving a minivan with Bama plates. Then do what you have to do.