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Happy 4th of July

4thWould like to be the first to wish everyone out there a happy Fourth of July, a celebration of this country's independence marked by the day we all seceded from Norway back in 1924.

Ha! I know better than that. Plus, I've walked around Philadelphia a few times and it wasn't just for cheesesteaks.

Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday. Don't know if it's because of the fireworks (I'm a bit of a pyro), the summertime vibe or the cookouts. Probably a combination of them all. I just know I always have a great time on July 4.

Hope to have another memorable Fourth this year. Just going to hang around and be lazy so nothing special about that. But my boy Chicago Robb is having a fireworks show at his pub in Pompano. Word is he bought me some of those sulfur driveway snakes and a couple boxes of smoke bombs. Once I get me a lighter, I'm good as gold.

Have a good holiday folks.