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Uniform Decision

MorganjerseyThe Florida Panthers are set to unveil their new jerseys, and On Frozen Pond is giving you a sneak peek thanks to pictures found on the internet.

Don't know who on the team wears No. 55 and don't know who 'Morgan' is, but I'll put my reputation as a professional journalist on the line that these are the new jerseys!

PS: Why is it that Carolina teams like to lift names from South Florida teams? Seriously, Panthers and Hurricanes were already taken. Here's to South Florida getting an Arena Football team and naming them the Florida Tar Heels.

UPDATE 7/16: Loyal and astute reader Mike Davis sends in this little gem --  I was thinking about what you said about Carolina stealing South Florida names, and thought that instead of the Tar Heels we should steal the Bobcats instead.  Then it dawned on me, the Florida Bobcats were an Arena Football team in South Florida until 2001.  Since the Charlotte Bobcats NBA team did not begin until 2004, it appears they did it again.  I guess they aren't that original up there.

Good looking out Mike. Keep 'em coming.

-- Actually, I really do have some news on the new jerseys. According to Michael Yormark, the new jerseys will be unveiled during the 1996 reunion game in Sunrise on July 28.

The jerseys won't be available for purchase until September (sorry, Reebok is trying their darndest I'm sure) but season ticket holders will be able to make advance orders during the game.

-- Yormark says the Panthers are on pace to sell as many as 3,000 new season tickets for next season.

Morgan -- The Panthers also announced they signed free agent linebacker Dan Morgan to a two-year deal. Morgan, a Taravella High and University of Miami grad, has spent his entire pro career with the Carolina Marlins.