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New (Bad) Look for Bolts

BoltslogoThe Tampa Bay Lightning decided if they were going to get new uniforms thanks to the Reebok redesign, they might as well tweak their logo as well.

Talk about making things worse.

The Lightning celebrate their 15 years in the league with a new look (not digging the white/blue bolt) and new unis. The new bolt can be seen at left. The new uniforms are here:

Newlooklightning Tampaunis_2
OK kids, your thoughts?

I'm not a fan to be honest. I do like that Tampa got rid of the two fonts on their jersey (Tampa Bay in cursive at top, Lightning in all caps at bottom) but that lightning bolt is weak. Ugh. It looks like its coming out of the sky sideways, like its drunk or something.

UPDATE: I think the team stole their new logo from here Gatorade

I also don't like the font of the lettering. Don't know why. Reminds me of the D-Rays or something.  And that's never good. The whole deal just looks minor leagueish. If that's a word anyway.

Anyway, I only have to see this stuff eight times this year. And since I'm not the one shelling out the big bucks to buy any of it, so I'm betting Dougie Mac and the rest of the Bolts Brass could care less what I  think. Feel free to leave your comments....

-- As it stands, here is my take on the new looks so far.

Like it: Bruins, Panthers, Caps, Sharks, Sens.

Little Change: Rangers, Blue Jackets.

Yuck: Preds, Lightning.