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No Respect for Panthers

RodneySo, Panther fan, feeling good about your squad heading into the season? Feeling there's no way the Panthers will be left out of the postseason again this year?

Apparently, there are a few folks who disagree with you pal.

According to things I've found online, the Panthers neither have a player listed in The Hockey News' Top 50 players (sorry Olli, Tomas). And, THN and McKeens don't think, at least right now, that Florida is a playoff team.

THN has the Panthers 12th in the East this coming season, finishing above Montreal, the Islanders and Boston, but just below powerhouses Toronto, Washington and Philadelphia. McKeens also has the Panthers on the outside looking in, placing them 11th in the East.

So what does this all mean? Should JM blow up the roster again and start over?

Come on. It's a few meaningless preseason predictions. I don't know if Florida will be in the playoffs next year, no one does. They seem to be going in the right direction, but we'll see what happens.

Again, the Panthers have to win before people will respect them. It's that simple. Show me, and I'll believe in you. That's the way it is.

PS: Roberto Luongo is third (up from 25th) in the TSN Top 50.