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Off to Europe

Pigpoke Quite a few players who spent time with the Panthers last year are finding NHL money hard to come by so they're moving on to Europe.

At least three former Panthers are expected to play across the pond this coming season, the latest coming to my attention being Greg Jacina. Cut loose by the Panthers earlier this summer, Jacina has signed with Lukko Rauma of the Finnish league. He signed over there last month, and unless he finds a better deal over here pronto, will be asking Olli Jokinen for some advice on dealing with Finnish winters.

The other two players likely to play in Europe next season are Janis Sprukts and Juraj Kolnik. Hearing rumors that Alex Auld may try signing in Europe yet, but that is completely unconfirmed.

-- The press area at Dolphins training camp is decidedly much warmer than the one at Panthers camp in Colorado. That Eagle rink may be the coldest in the country. Not even kidding.