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Thanks for the Memories

Belfour1Eddie the Eagle, we hardly knew ya.

I'm going to miss the long conversations we would hold in the locker room, especially the ones after the games. Going to miss your smile, your infectious laugh, your slap-on-the-back humor that always made everyone feel so good.

OK, can't say any of that is true. But oddly enough, I am going to miss Ed Belfour. I don't know why really, but I am.  Eddie was a different dude, but he did his job here in Florida last season, and for the most part, did it well. I don't think I've ever seen an athlete dedicate himself to preparing for the game as much as Eddie did, both mentally and especially physically. Does Eddie have some problems? Sure, who doesn't. He was fun to have around though.

And now he's off to Europe.

It's confirmed now, Belfour has signed with the Swedish team Leksand, a former first-tier team in the Swedish Elite League that has fallen on bad times. The hope there is that Eddie will come in and help lead this team back into the top tier. Leksand, you see, was reclassified and sent to the second tier, something Major League baseball should look into. I would love to see the Devil Rays and Marlins switched out for Albuquerque and Durham next season.

Anyway, back to Eddie.

Will have more on this when I get some translation, but if you speak -- OK, just read -- Swedish, here's the link to the Leksand official site. If anyone wants to translate for me, you would be my friend for life. Or at least until Thursday. Just email me at [email protected]

Here's the link to the Belfour signing: EDDIE FLIES TO EUROPE

Speaking of Eddie and the Panthers, our pal Ian Cropp of the Vail Daily News writes about the Panthers working out in Vail with Andy O'Brien. Eddie is among them, and Eddie tells Ian that he's excited about going to Europe. The story mainly deals with Stephen and Bryan Allen working out, but it's pretty interesting. Read about it here: VAIL AINT JUST FOR SKIING ANYMORE