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David Booth Update

Booth_2Word out of One Panther Parkway is that all is well with the young Mr. Booth, and his scheduled MRI is now not needed.

According to spokesman Justin Copertino, Booth flew home with the team last night and met with team trainer Curtis Bell today. All seems fine. David is hurting a bit, understandable, and is wearing a precautionary neck brace.

Booth will not practice Monday at the Ice (10:30 a.m., open to public) and isn't expected back until later in the week. So it's good news: no permanent damage, just some soreness. "Kind of like he was in a car wreck,'' Copertino said. Yep, that's about what it looked like last night.

(*) David Shantz was sent back to Rochester; not a surprise by any means. Seems like the youngster had a good time in his time up with the team, and got some NHL money. Not a bad couple days for the Shantzer.

(*) Good deal for you hockey fans: The Panthers are running a special this week. Buy a ticket to see either the Flyers or Sabres this week, get a ticket to see the Hurricanes (not the ones who beat FSU yesterday but the ones from Carolina who lifted the name and came up with a goofy logo) on Halloween night. Pretty good deal. Also, if you go to Miami Scrubs and buy one of their meal deals, you get a free ticket to one of the two upcoming games against the Carolina Fauxcanes.