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Timeout! Never mind...

Fabfive_2Don't know if anyone saw this or not, but Jalen Rose says Michigan's Fab Five get no love in Michigan, so he erected a billboard in Detroit to honor the Wolverines former freshmen sensations.

It's the 15th anniversary of the year these five -- Rose, Chris 'Oops' Webber, Ray Jackson, Juwan Howard and Jimmy King -- all started as freshmen for the Maize and Blue. The Fab Five brought us out of the tight shorts era, if you remember, being the first to wear baggy shorts. And black socks.

Only thing is, they didn't win anything at U-M. They came close, sure. And Michigan had to remove almost all references to the Fab Five era because Webber took a bundle of money from a booster. It's like he didn't even go there.

But those are semantics. I loved the Fab Five. Lots of fun. And they were ahead of their time, fashion-wise. I can't believe it's been 15 years already.

Read the rest of the story in the Free Press, right here FAB FIVE STOOD FOR 'FABULOUS FIVE'

-- Heading to Montreal, home of the Expos, smoked meat sandwiches and Poutine. Will have a sandwich, am going to skip the gravy-cheesefries I think.

Olli Jokinen gets to make some history on Tuesday; consider this: If Olli scores a point, he gets the franchise record for points all to himself. A goal ties him for the franchise record, two sets it. And just by stepping on the ice, he ties the record for consecutive games played. Robert Svehla owns the Iron Man mark, at least for now. Olli has a good knowledge of this game's history, and I really think he would like to set some records in Montreal.

-- Last time we were in Montreal, Ed Belfour pitched a shutout after scattering three hits. Was it really only a few months ago? Seems like decades.

-- For those of you without Center Ice, Tuesday may be a good chance to check out the new radio team of Randy 'Red Beard' Moller and Billy 'Don't Call Me Sid' Lindsay on 790 AM. Game isn't being televised locally. Denis and Goldie return Thursday in Toronto.