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Hello from Tampa

Manatee Sitting here at Tampa Tribune Arena in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, ready to update you loyal readers of On Frozen Pond.

According to the Tampa guys, Johan Holmqvist back in net for the Bolts.

You know Bryan Allen isn't here, and Anthony Stewart arrived late and missed the skate. He worked out off ice and is ready to go tonight.

Cory Murphy is on the ice, so the power play is safe for yet another night...

-- Talked to JM a little more about Jassen Cullimore. I wrote today that Cullimore hasn't worked himself into shape yet, that's why he wasn't called up. Got that from the Rochester paper, which wrote Cullimore didn't play the other night because of fatigue.

Anyway, JM says Cullimore hurt his knee the other night and isn't 100 percent. Says if he was ready to go, he would have gotten the call up to replace Allen for tonight's game and who knows what else. Adds Allen is a day-to-day with the cut on his face.