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Vote for Olli...And Jay...And Tomas...

Pedro The NHL All-Star balloting is going to get underway soon, and the Panthers' crack staff is currently working on ways to get their boy Olli Jokinen onto the East team.

I say if he keeps his current play up, he's on the team anyway.

But they'd like your vote. So, I think, would Olli. But the jury's out on that one.

Some staff members were working on potential voting campaigns for their captain last night. Some good ideas were bandied about.

Yet they would like your help. What kind of campaign ideas do you have? What do you think would make people want to visit the NHL site and go through an All-Star ballot? Last year, the Vote for Rory campaign in Vancouver was very popular, but at the end of the day, he didn't make it.

Any ideas? I will pass along what gets offered up to the right peoples. Couple caps for the best idea.

-- Also, announced today: Three Panthers on the East ballot. Olli, Jay Bouwmeester and Tomas Vokoun. Six players from Ottawa are on the ballot, and they probably deserve it. Pretty good team up there...


-- Both Bryan Allen and Cory Murphy were out of practice today and questionable for tomorrow in Tarpon Bay. Allen apparently needed stitches after going into the boards during the first period Monday, and the thought is those reopened when he got punched by Nick Tarnasky in the second. Murphy played throughout, but JM said he had some sort of leg injury.

Jassen Cullimore might be an option, although JM doesn't know if he's 100 percent. He missed a recent game in Rochester with an apparent knee injury. If the Panthers need d-men, one option -- aside from Cullimore -- is bring up a forward (Globke, Stewart, et al) from Roch and drop Montador back.

Rustyhand -- Rusty was at practice today, the cast off his right wrist as you can see to the right. As you might be able to tell, he still has stitches, but says they are coming out tomorrow. He says the wrist feels good, better than doctors thought it would so he'll be back sometime soon it looks like.

-- And now, the winner of our first Halloween costume contest. This was a late arrival, although it wasn't the kids fault. Their mom's email was sent on Halloween, but it went to my spam folder. Sure we've all had that happen.

So, the winner of the Panthers caps are.....Cam (Astronaut) and Ty (Firefighter) ....Congrats fellas. Enjoy the caps....

Kids-- More bad news in Tampa. Dan Boyle's tendons haven't healed properly, he's going to need a second surgery.

Tough news for a team that's already reeling. Boyle, if you remember, was talking to someone at his locker when his skate fell off its hook and hit Boyle in the wrist. Nasty injury. Boyle came back and played in a few games but didn't have full power in his wrist. Obviously.