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Celebrate Tonight

ShulaCHICAGO -- What a day for football, eh?

Not only do the Browns win, but the Ravens lose. And they lose to the Dolphins, which is no small feat.

Congrats to the Dolphins, staying true to their hokey song by winning their first game of the season. Mi-a-mi Dolphins No. 1? Indeed.

And you just have to love the twist of fate. Not only were the 1972 Perfectos in the building for today's  Miami victory, but it came on the 35th anniversary of the 1972 team finishing its regular season without a blemish. They only played 14 games back then.

The team Miami beat to go to 14-0 way back on Dec. 16, 1972 in the Orange Bowl?


Believe it or not, they were called the Colts back then. I think Matt Stover was still their kicker though.

-- To keep this thread somewhat hockey related, talked to Olli tonight about the Dolphins game. He was very happy for his football playing pals, although it did cost him. "For the first time in five weeks I didn't pick them to win in the pool,'' Jokinen said with a smile. "First time. But I'm real glad for them. They needed that. They deserved a win.''

-- And as far as I know, the "pool" Jokinen is talking about is for entertainment purposes only. I, of all people, would never advocate wagering of any kind. Last I heard, the football pool consisted of S&H green stamps collected from Publix.

-- Remember those? Your old like me if you do.