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Back in Time

QuebecBack at the arena, home sweet home for me. Thanks for all the cards and letters (OK, the emails) wishing me a quick recovery from my flu. Knock on wood, but I think I've kicked it.

And now I'm ready for some hockey.

Panthers have had no luck whatsoever against these Colorado Avalanche, and have never beaten the Avs on home ice. Think about that for a minute. Of course, they have beaten this particular organization at home, beating the Quebec Nordiques in 1995. Months later, the team moved to Denver.

Jacques Martin goes for win No. 500 today, and funny thing is, he may remember that Panthers win in 1995. Remember, Martin was an assistant for the Nordiques back then. He even made the move to Colorado only to leave them midway through the 1995-96 season -- what would be a Stanley Cup championship season -- to take over the Senators.

Who did the Avs beat to win the Cup back in '96? Heck, my memory ain't that good. How am I supposed to remember who their opponent was. Get real. Like who Colorado plays in the Stanley Cup Finals has any relevance to a hockey writer in Florida. Who covers the Panthers. And likes Rats.

-- Oh yeah. Right.

-- Giants up 7-0 on the Cowpokes. Not the Cooper City ones.

-- Thanks to all those who commented on the previous blog post from this morning. Hope to see a more concerted effort out of these guys today, but not holding my breath. Too stuffed up to do something that dangerous.

-- Must be a big sale at Ikea today. Overflow parking lot at some arena-looking place in Sunrise was really full this afternoon.

-- Then there's Nate, fighting less than a minute into the game. That looks promising...

-- And then the Rockies score...so there goes that...

-- OK, Panthers showing much spirit here in the first period. This is what we've been lacking no? Three fights in the first period, lot of energy. Good for them, and good for the fans who are here and seem to be having a blast.

-- Speaking of having a blast, I'll be joining Craigervini at the second intermission on Fox Sports Net. Don't adjust your sets, it's just G....

-- Sorry about messing up your TVs...