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Future Plans

GolfFive more games left in the Panthers season, and the best news I can come up with is golf rates drastically dip in South Florida on April 1.

And I ain't fooling.

The Panthers still have some playoff life left, but that light is flickering and on the verge of going out. According to sportsclubstats.com, the Panthers' shot to make the playoffs now stands at 2.5 percent. That's less than 3 percent to you math majors out there.

According to that page's analysis, if the Panthers go 5-0-0 to end the season, there's a 46.7 percent chance of them making it to the eighth slot.

So, yeah, we'll see.


-- Pete "Pete" Pelegrin subbed for me today in Coral Springs, says JM pulled a Pat Riley and bailed on practice today. Official word is JM is off scouting a college player, but I don't know much more than that.

Dude probably just needed a day off after last night. He was pretty ticked when he talked to us. Can't say that I blame him. Some of the Panthers best, and highest-paid, players were pretty crummy against the Lightning.

After what's happened the past few months, don't be surprised if Florida has someone else wearing the captain's 'C' next season.