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Another Loss

JoeniewJust got off the phone with Joe Nieuwendyk who resigned from his post with the Panthers on Wednesday.

Joe says he isn't upset with the organization as has been written elsewhere (OK, TSN's Bob McKenzie broke this story today).

Before talking to Joe, I was told he wasn't real happy with the direction of the team. And that has nothing to do with Jacques. Instead, it seems Joe's problems stem from upper management and ownership. But again, I never got any of that from Joe, that was all from other people who work for/around the team.

Today, Joe was nothing  but complimentary about the Panthers. Here are some of the things Joe told me today. As always, more tomorrow in The Herald...

"It's true I have decided not to return next season. I’m going to step back and decide what me and the wife are going to do. There are some personal reasons involved. I'm not going to comment about a blog that says I’m not happy with Jacques. These guys gave me an opportunity to stay in hockey. I'll always appreciate that.

"No one is happy when you don’t make the playoffs. There shouldn’t be one person happy with this.

"There’s good people in this organization, good young talent. I firmly believe this organization can be extremely successful. I really believe that. I believed it last year or I wouldn't have come on board.''