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Here Come the Wings

WingswinYou figured the Colorado Avalanche were going to come out and give Detroit their money's worth in Thursday's Game 4 didn't you? The Wings led the series 3-0, and the Avs had one chance to extend their season.

For a while, it looked like they might. Detroit led 1-0 before the Avs tied it.

Then things got out of control. The Wings scored two more before the end of the first to lead 3-1 at the break, then scored five more before rolling their rivals and leaving Denver on a mile-high roll with an 8-2 win.

On the flip side of the Avs collapse, you have the Rangers. In a similar situation, the Rangers responded by beating the Pens 3-0 to live at least another day. The Pens get to end the deal Sunday at the igloo (I'll be covering the Marlins, but you can watch on NBC-6), and the thought here is they will.

But at least the Rangers showed us a little something, no? The Avs looked beaten and broken, and the Wings looked very championship like. They weren't the best team in the game all season for nothin' folks.

The Wings now get to go back to Motown and rest up a bit, watching tonight's game from San Jose with interest. Got to think the Wings are rooting for the Sharks to win tonight and then force a sixth game in Dallas, one more game meaning a few days fewer days off for the red-hot Stars.

Course, the Stars have won eight of their past nine in San Jose, so things are looking good for them.

Redwingsring You think the Wings have what it takes to win it all? As always, comments are more than welcomed.

Don't you think the league -- and especially the suits at NBC -- would love a Detroit/Pittsburgh finale? Or, if a miracle happens, the Wings-Rangers?

Tomorrow's Montreal-Flyers tilt looms large, and the Habs are going back to Carey Price in net. Coach Guy Charbonneau told the CP that Price -- benched for Montreal's eventual Game 4 loss in Philly -- "deserves a second shot.''

Carbonneau adds "he had time to calm down and refocus and get ready for another long stretch.'' Don't know about this one, you have to think Price's confidence is shot right now. Yet he came back from some pretty bad outings in the Boston series and won that one, one of the reasons I picked to Habs to win this series as well. I thought surviving that experience was only going to make him stronger. We'll see.