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A Major Award

LampNew contest coming to you here at On Frozen Pond.

In the event Olli Jokinen is traded (updates below), I'll be looking for a photoshopped picture of the current Florida captain in his new uniform. So, if he goes to Vancouver, need a picture of him in a Canucks sweater. Minnesota? The Wild. Tampa Bay? The Buccaneers.

First person to email me said picture (and it can't just be a logo slapped over the Panther, it has to be something good) gets either a 2008 NHL Draft baseball cap or t-shirt. Let me know which gift you prefer (and tell me your t-shirt size if that's your preference) in your email.

Winner will get full photo credit right here once we're done. Actually hope we don't have to go through with this, and that way I get to keep the cap!

Email me here: [email protected] or [email protected]

Thanks for playing.