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Still Nothing -- But Just Wait

DraftKANATA, Ontario -- Finally got online here at the Senators' arena out in the sticks, waiting for something to get going.

You can take St. Louis off the board in trying to get Olli Jokinen, the Palm Beach Post's Brian Biggane speaking with Blues' president John Davidson earlier today to confirm that (I wrote yesterday St. Louis guys were in the hotel talking to Panthers guys. A reach? Yup.)

Also hearing Minnesota has upped its offer for Olli, but the Panthers still aren't biting, one source saying Florida has better offers on the table. Minnesota's offer sounds decent (the Wild's pick at 24 is a bit low) so if Florida does have better offers, they could be pretty strong.

Still hearing the usual list of suspects: Calgary, Vancouver, C-Bus and Tampa Bay (just kidding with that one.)

-- The Panthers are on the draft floor, getting ready for this thing to get going. Still no word on any trade -- Florida or otherwise -- of significance.

Am now hearing the Phoenix Coyotes are deep in the mix, the Desert Dogs picking eighth -- just before Florida's old pick which now belongs to Nashville.

Internet is down in the arena right now, using my wireless card. Will be updates as they come.

-- JM was just spotted talking with TGO (The Great One), Phoenix coach Wayne Gretzky. Take from that what you will...

JM is up and walking around, just left the dance floor...didn't see anyone from PHX follow him out. Could be a bathroom break, could be going out for a smoke. Could be finalizing a trade....