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Should the Panthers Trade Bo?

BodukeOnly a few people -- Jay Bouwmeester, his agent and perhaps JM the GM -- know whether Florida's No. 4 wants to continue his relationship with the Panthers much longer.

Jay has already decided to take the Panthers to arbitration, which means the thoughts he would sign an offer sheet with another team is over. For now, it's the Panthers or no one for Jay. But there are a few options.

Bo First, the team and Jay go to arbitration, a contractual number decided upon and Jay signs for one more year and the Panthers roll the dice. Or, the two sides come to an agreement before arbitration, likely for more than one season. JM could also decide this is going no where (which is how it appears) and send Jay somewhere else and try and get some more pieces for the Everglades Six.

Obviously, the third option would be made out of desperation. The Panthers can't afford to let Jay walk away without getting anything in return next summer, and it's tough to get true value for a top guy like Jay at the trade deadline next season, especially if the Panthers are in playoff contention (quit laughing) at the time.

Mrboh So what do you think JM should do? There hasn't been much news out of either camp, so like I said, only those three really know what's going on here. And that's how it usually goes in negotiations like this, although I find Jay's silence on the matter quite telling. Sure, he isn't the most open guy in the world to begin with, but a lot of people have questions whether he wants to be here and he hasn't had much to say on the subject. If he wanted to dispel those rumors, he easily could. And yet he really hasn't.

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