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Big Surprise

KilgerSpoke to JM today, and he says he does not expect Chad Kilger to play for the Panthers this season.

Florida acquired Kilger from the Maple Leafs in the final minutes before the February trade deadline for a third round pick. Kilger never reported to the Panthers despite being with the Leafs in Fort Lauderdale, and was later suspended. The team says Kilger is dealing with undisclosed family issues, something that is apparently still unresolved.

“He’s still dealing with some personal issues, and at this point, I don’t think he’ll be playing,’’ Martin said. “We still hold his rights. He’s indicated to me that if he were to play, he’d want to play for us. We’re not the issue.’’

Will have more on this in tomorrow's Herald, so make sure you check in early.

-- On a more positive note, JM says he's spoken to both Richard Zednik and trainer David Zenobi and the reports are Zednik is doing a lot of physical work and is expected to be in good shape when training camp kicks off. Zednik has been skating, and JM says the team is expecting a good season out of the veteran. Zednik, as everyone remembers, was hit in the neck by Olli Jokinen's errant skate on Feb. 10 in Buffalo and missed the remainder of the season.

-- Drew Larman has been tendered a qualifying offer, although he and his agent have not accepted it. JM says this is no cause of concern, and a deal will get done in the coming weeks.