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First Wave

HockeynewsThis isn't the cover of the magazine, but The Hockey News' season preview has been released and they aren't real fond of the new-look Panthers.

It appears to be more of the same to them.

In THN's prediction page, it has Florida 12th in the East, just above Atlanta, Toronto and the Islanders. I think this is very close to last season's predictions as well, which pretty much proved to be right. Your thoughts on the picks are welcomed as always. As a bonus, here are THN's complete preseason rankings.

Eastern Conference: 1. Montreal; 2. Pittsburgh; 3. Washington; 4. Philadelphia' 5. Ottawa; 6. Rangers' 7. New Jersey; 8. Carolina; 9. Tampa Bay; 10. Boston; 11. Buffalo; 12. PANTHERS; 13.  Atlanta; 14. Toronto; 15. Islanders.

Western Conference: 1. Detroit; 2. San Jose; 3. Minnesota; 4. Dallas; 5. Anaheim; 6. Edmonton; 7. Chicago; 8. Calgary; 9. Nashville; 10. Phoenix; 11. Vancouver; 12. Columbus; 13. Los Angeles; 14. Colorado; 15. St. Louis.