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Par for the Course

CaddyAs usual, the Panthers will only get one game nationally televised by Versus.

This time, however, it won't even be from Sunrise.

Versus announced its national broadcast schedule today, the lone Florida game (every team has to be televised once) will come to you live from Montreal as the Cats take on the host Habs on Oct. 20 -- making it the second Monday night game of the season.

Sure a lot of folks will be watching. ESPN will have the very-TV friendly New England Patriots playing host to Denver that night as well.

Of course, the Panthers could still be included in NBC's coverage come spring, but what are the odds of that happening?

-- More TV stuff. The Panthers won't be seen much in the States (although I'm sure a good number of games will be picked up by the NHL Network), but they will be in Canada. Florida isn't scheduled for a Hockey Night in Canada date, but will be shown on TSN three times (at Ott, Oct. 22; at Tor, Jan. 6; vs. Mon, Jan 29).

French network RDS will also broadcast Florida's four games against the Habs.

-- More TV stuff II: This, friends, could be bad. Word on the street is that FSN may be cutting their local coverage of the Cats, going from 70 games down to 65. If you thought people complained about last year's games not on local TV, wait until five more go down the chute.

Fire up the e-mails, folks.