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Black Tuesday

Bac2 I take no joy in writing this.

None, whatsoever.

But a few of my friends - our friends - lost their job today.

The Panthers put at least 10 of their loyal employees on waivers today, folks who stood up for this organization over the years. People in sales, charity, PR.

All of this blamed on a crummy economy.

Michael Yormark, whom I hope to speak to tomorrow, broke the bad news to his staff earlier this afternoon. From all reports, he delivered the news with a heavy heart. From what I've been told, five of the cuts came from his sales staff.

I have put in a request to interview Mr. Yormark, but don't know if that will happen. We shall see. This is what I have heard:

- The team is no longer matching employee money in their 401(k)

- Those who have tickets to the 'specialty' clubs will not be allowed in 30 minutes early as has been the case. This is said to save quite a bit of money.

- Overnight/express mail has been banned. Employees have to have approval to FedEx/USPS anything.

I take no joy in writing any of this. But our economy sucks. And it's costing some people their jobs. It sucks. Big time.